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Hi all,

Looking for screen selection advice, and a little info on the Da-lite HP screens.

Up until recently I was planning on getting a DL Pearlescent screen, but after a lot of negativity here about the lack of gain, I have opted for something with a lot more gain to it.

We will be getting a 159" and I have concerns with brightness, hence my push to something with such a high gain.

I have a Panny 8000 and we do watch a lot of 3d content, the new theater we are building will be completely light controlled, and the projector will be sitting about 21' from the screen almost dead center.

What I need to know is if there is any difference in the HP line.

I have found some pull down screens from Da-lite that are high power, can be seen here on Ebay, seems the only other type that I can get in that size is the Cinema Contour - Here

I have been on the fence about buying the screen complete or grabbing the material and going DIY on the frame.

Besides the Cinema Contour frame is there any difference between the 2 screen materials?

Thanks for the help!