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Onkyo receiver quit working

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I have an Onkyo receiver TX-SV717Pro, its been working fine and all of a sudden one day i go to turn it on and no sound is coming out of my speakers. I pulled all of the speaker wire out, checked all of the speakers to make sure they were working with a AA battery and hooked it back up...still nothing. After playing with it I realized that when i turned off the surround mode a couple of the speakers were working, but as soon as i turned the surround back on it quit again. I have two back speakers, one small middle speaker and then this large speaker box with a tweeter and sub. All four of these speakers are KLH and they each have one set of inputs for speaker wire, thats it. I have attached a photo of both the front and back of my amp:here is how I have everything connected. : the large speaker with the sub is connected to the top set that says "center" for single, the first and third prongs. Both of my back speakers are connected to the third set down, where it says "main". I ahve them both plugged into the right side and then the front middle speaker is connected to the left side. Now I don't think the connections are the problem as they worked for a long time before, so maybe i hit a button on the front or something? This receiver is so old that Onkyo doesn't even have a manual for it anymore. Any suggestions on how to fix this would be appreciated.

IMG_1165.JPG 3154k .JPG file
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What should we learn from the front of the unit? What speakers still worked? Why no connections in the photo of the rear of the unit? Connect it up and then take a picture. You are following the setup in the manual? I'd like to see a picture of the large speaker box with a tweeter and a sub particularly, and more information about the speakers (or pics). Sounds like you aren't very sure of how to operate this...is it yours?
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