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Please... Please.. If anyone knows how to reset the pioneer vsx-D12 receiver please help. My standby light keeps flashing. I have held down the "enter & advanced surround" button @ same time & that does not help. It just pops up "amp err" & shuts back off. Thank you in advance.. smile.gif
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Did you try a basic reset....i.e. unplugging it for a while then try again? Does your manual indicate that it has a system reset routine or is that what you're referring to? Any particular event before this started?
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hello.. yes, I tried the unplug think etc. I found the "enter & advance surround" on another site.. I was plugging speaker wire into back. It gave me a warning prior (hooked sprks wrong) & then it shut off ! standby been blinking since..
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You were connecting speakers with the unit on? Might have shorted something. What model is that? I can't find it.
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No, it was powered off.. Pioneer vsx-d12
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I get absolutely nothing googling Pioneer VSX D12....well, except your post. Never heard of that model, either.
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I didn't get anything on this site. I did when I actually went into google though..
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Is this a US or non-US model? You got a link to a manual?
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Umm. US I'm assuming.. My Ex BF gave it to me. No, I just googled the name etc & I found a manual. I didn't come across anything of help unfortunately. I wish I never decided to move around my living room around now.. haha
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Hmm...I just tried the google again and got nothing again. http://www.google.com/#sclient=psy-ab&q=pioneer+vsx-D12&oq=pioneer+vsx-D12&gs_l=hp.12...14511.19635.0.24342.,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.49478099,d.cGE&fp=884c05b24674b915&biw=1600&bih=734

So ex-BF, eh? Stockton's not far, could offer to check for ya, you like older guys? smile.gif J/K you're a Raider fan anyways....

Don't think it should short while the unit's off. Maybe if this is an older unit it just blew something and you've got a brick now. Try calling Pioneer on Monday...
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Yes, the Ex... I swear I googled "Standby light blinking pioneer VSX D12" & something came up.. I tried again & stupid amp error pops up. Yes, I'm a Raider Fan. You?
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49ers of course. Owned season tix through the glory years and quite a few thereafter until the Yorks drove me nuts. I'm just a fan these days, looking forward to what Colin (more central valley action!) can do. Davis always drove me nuts, loved the old Raiders with the motley crew run by Coach Madden, though. You a crazy Raider fan? I know some, one gal even has her own Raiderette outfit....

I hadn't even noticed your avatar photo....thought you were Salvatore or something tongue.gif

ps take a pic of the id label on the back and post it.

pps let me clarify since this is the SF bay area, I wasn't going to flirt with Salvatore...Mongo straight.
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I knew you were gna say the 9ers..UGH haha jk jk I'm a good raider.. I love to have fun & watch the game. & you thought I was what?? My brother is going to come take a look for me.. If he can't fix it, I'll send you a pic k?
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I thought you were a guy....its a frikkin sausage fest here at avs....glad to see a gal around here! Hopefully your bro can fix it for ya, but glad to keep checking back to get you up and running if possible...sucks not to have your gear working!
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Gotcha! Nope, I'm all girl & a straight one as well... smile.gif I'm pissed I broke it. It's all my sound to TV etc.. eek.gif
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Might not have been what you did; electronics age and sometimes things go south....did your living room involve moving the unit around? Sometimes something as simple as moving (altho more when being packed/shipped by our UPS/Fedex kinda guys) can yield an issue....
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