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Harmony Smart Control App keeps switching TV to the wrong input.

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Hi guys, I just bought the Harmony Smart control package(the one with the hub and the basic remote), and so far it seems really awesome except for one HUGE issue.

I have a Vizio M551d TV and when I set everything up (along with a sony bluray player and receiver, both of which work flawlessly with this remote) it keeps messing with my TV inputs in wonky ways. It have everything running through my receiver which is connected to my tv via HDMI-1. I set it up as such in the Harmony app, and I told it the TV does not skip missing inputs(it cycles through the entire list whether there is a device connected or not). But for some reason, even when I have the TV set to HDMI-1 by default and have that as the input for all activities like watching a movie or playing a game, it keeps choosing to cycle through a few of the hdmi inputs and always ends up at the wrong one.

What's really weird is when doing the troubleshooting for the activities, it asks me to keep cycling inputs until I find the right one. But when I hit next until it reaches HDMI and then click continue, it automatically jumps down several inputs and screws everything up. I also noticed when it powers of the TV it cycles through to the "TV" over the air input automatically before powering the device off.

Is there something I'm missing? A special setting or maybe a way to set the remote to only turn my tv on and off and never touch the inputs ( like I said it will always being using the same input)? I don't understand why the hub keeps forcing my tv to cycle through inputs when it's already on the right one and I told it as much multiple times.

Also, in case it matters, I don't think input delay is the issue. It's already set at something like 1 second in the settings, and using the tv remote I've (very crudely mind you) clocked the response time of the tv at well under half a second, so I doubt the tv is missing some of the input commands. But again I dont even understand why the hub has to force the tv to cycle through every input if it's staying on one of them by default.
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Update: It seems like this is an issue only with the setup and testing, but not with the actual functions. I sat around going in circles for a while until I decided to try using the watch a movie/play a game/etc functions in the remote main menu instead of trying over and over in the setup test. Everything worked fine. I guess there's just a bug where the activity tests do some weird things with the power on/off/change input commands. As long as everything is set to what you know it's supposed to be however, the actual functions will work fine.
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I have the 70" Vizio as well as the Harmony Smart Control and I had the same issue as you. It appeared to go away outside of testing. Works fine for me. I also have a single HTMI cable going to the TV and I'm doing all switching via my Denon AV Receiver.


BTW, I can't say enough about this Harmony remote and hub system. I previously used the NextGen IR blaster along with the Directv RV remote. The HSC system is leaps and bounds better. The feel of the remote is perfect. Really like that I won't have to change batteries for a year and when I do I can get a 5 year supply for $2

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I had the same problem. Try deleting your current TV under Devices and adding/using Vizio model "VF551XVT" instead. This model's IR codes use Vizio discrete input codes which are much more reliable since it switches directly to the correct input vs trying to toggle through all of them. Why on earth Harmony hasn't made the discrete codes the default for all Vizio TVs is bewildering.
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