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Another Samsung ARC issue with HW-F550 Soundbar

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Hi All, Looks like a lot of issues with Samsung and ARC, here is mine:

TV: Samsung UN46F6300
Soundbar: Samsung HW-F550

When I connect like the manual indicates (Cable box HDMI >F550 HDMI in) and (F550 HDMI out > TV HDMI ARC) the F550 does turn on and off with the TV and I see a graphic indication of the volume changing, but I get no sound. Nothing, not even from apps like Netflix. Like others have stated, when using Anynet+ the bar defaults to D. IN and even if switched to HDMI it will switch back.

So, the only way I can get this to work is by using an optical cable (TV optical out> F550 Optical in). Now I get sound, but it does not appear that this is the way this setup is supposed to work. No mention of having to use the optical cable in the manual.

Shouldn't I be able to eliminate the optical cable from the equation?

I hate using workarounds for almost $1K worth of equipment. Everything I have read about HDMI cables indicate they are all the same, but the manual says the ARC function is not available if the HDMI cable does not support it...could it be the cable?
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I had the same issue but with a Directv box. One of the members here helped me out. Try connecting from your cable box straight into the tv then from ARC HDMI on the tv to HDMI out on the soundbar.
The manual instructs us on doing it the way you have it, (and I did) but it's clearly wrong and doesnt work the way it should and we want it to.
Now I can control tv,soundbar and Directv with one remote and they all turn on and off correctly and go to the right input. (just make sure you have ANYNET turned on both the tv and soundbar).
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Thanks. I had already tried that and still got no sound without the optical cable.
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Did you go into the tv's sound menu and turn off tv speakers and choose receiver instead?
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Yes, took care of that.
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Just purchased a new Samsung 7 series smart tv and samsung hw-f550 soundbar a couple of weeks ago. I'm also trying to sync the soundbar to my current directv remote so that I won't have to hassle with 2 remotes. I have a genie hd dvr. The directv tech recommended that I not use the genie remote that came with it due to various technical problems he said that people are having with it right now. I wasn't thinking at the time but I should of had him program the soundbar to the remote.



I'm currently using a RC64 directv remote to control the tv and receiver. Will I be able to program this remote to control the soundbar (on/off, volume up/down), or will I need a different directv remote?  Thanks in advance, it's appreciated.

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Not sure if this will fix your problems, but try upgrading the firmware: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1485775/samsung-hw-f450-or-hw-f550-firmware-info#post_23689171
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I had the same issue as presented by eziggy3... Thank you to slapshot, as that solution worked for me. I would have never even considered making that connection since it is completely contrary to Samsung's own instruction and illogical. Thank you again and thank you AVS Forum!
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