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Which reciever for my home theatre?

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106'' screen with an epson 8350. Nothing too special for speakers as of yet: entry level Jamo towers and polk satellites for surrounds.

I've got everything wired for a 7.1 system but I'm down to one last choice here: Should I use my trusty Marantz SR5003 that I've been using in my 5.1 living room system for the past few years - or a new TX-NR616 Onkyo i picked up on sale?

I originally picked up the Onkyo for the theatre, but I've really been happy with the Marantz, and I'm interested to see how it'll handle the extra two channels if I move it downstairs. I've built home theatres in the past with nothing but Marantz and loved them, that was years ago and I'm no longer in the trade, also the Marantz Receiver is 5 years older so I wonder how the Onkyo will stack up.

I know my best option is to hook up both and compare - but hobby time grows shorter nowadays and my wife wants to know why we aren't using the room yet. lol. I'd move on downstairs with the Onkyo, as I don't really want to mess with (and also reprogram) the living room system - but if would appreciate any input if anyone thinks it may be worth the trouble in terms of sound.

Thanks in advance!
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Umm this should be a simple decision - Onkyo. Built like a tank, 3d capable, newest codecs, more power, better scaler, etc, etc, etc.

/ thread. smile.gif
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Yeah, I spent the day thinking about it and the Onkyo's making sense, mostly though since it has the .2 in case I decide to do a second sub. I have a 12in Mirage that I've been wanting to get repaired that squelches and squeals whenever I touch any of the knobs on it (vol, cutoff freq)so if I feel like a little more oomph I'll get that done. I appreciate the input, I had the feeling the newer processing would be more beneficial.
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I'm loving the sound in my theater room but I hit a snag that's really that's making me twitch.

Apparently the upconversion capabilities of the receiver are underwhelming. The 616 can only upconvert analog signals that are 480i ONLY, to via HDMI. 480p or higher do not initiate any upconversion whatsoever, so any analog in must be analog out.

I would have been fine with this, however, my local service provider did an update to my IPTV set top boxes and now they won't play nice via HDMI; at least with the Onkyo. The official stance from the Provider is that HDMI is not supported and that I must use component for 100% reliability.

That's a whole other issue that I won't jump into here - as asinine a policy that is.

So component is capped at component out in this case - and I don't want to run any more cables up to my projector.

Anyway - I'm thinking of putting the Marantz 5003 in the place of the Onkyo since i get full Faroudja upconversion to HDMI. If I'm lucky I'll be pleasantly surprised. I've always loved my Marantz so I'm hoping it'll shine in the theatre room. I run my movies through my HTPC so hopefully I'll be able to get around any decoding hurdles I may encounter through my managed codecs.
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