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Need some help, quality budget system

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Hi guys, I'm trying to build my mom a decent semi budget system for her new apartment. The size of her tv room is roughly 12x16. The main goal is to get good quality sound without breaking the bank but it should also be relatively future proof so that she can upgrade as and when she has the cash. Small caveat is that she's in India so options are a bit limited. Mainly, it will be used for watching tv and listening to music (classical, jazz) and I'm going for clarity of sound (accurate reproduction as opposed to loud garbage). I've done a bit of leg work and I've short listed what I think is reasonable within her budget. The starred items at the ones I've mentally selected.

Receiver :
*Denon avr-x2000
Denon x1000

Front speakers:
*Polk tsi300

Center :
*Polk Cs10
Yamaha c444 –$50 more

*Audioengine s8
Yamaha sw215 – $50 less

Total cost with the x2000 is about $1800 (converted) and with the x1000 is $1600. There is roughly a $200 premium on the receiver which is why it's so high. I'm figuring the x2000 is worth it since it does have the ability to upconvert to 4k (future proof?). Normally, I stick with onkyo for receivers but they're very expensive here (can only get a 515 for the same price as the x2000. Let me know what you guys think, would love to have a second opinion.
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I love me some Yamaha receivers but I personally wouldn't touch any speaker made by them. That's just me though. Certainly if you're gonna go with Polk Audio speakers you should stay with the matching Polk center. If you're not going for loud and listening to mostly classical or jazz the Audio Engine sub should be up to that task. If you're interested in saving more money you can easily drop down the front speakers to TSI 200s or even 100s since the subwoofer will be handling the low frequency extension through bass management.
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