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Two TV Media Center Help

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Long time listener, first time caller here. I have the opportunity to take a fairly large room in my home and make it my media center hub for my family. I am in the process of designing a built-in media center for later construction but wrestling with some design issues.

When I first introduced the idea to my wife about mounting two large LCD's to the wall, she gave me that wife look. Once I explained to her the advantages, she finally came around to the idea. So, I have been sketching some ideas and searching the web for inspiration. I haven't found much in terms of design but I got the general idea. I am starting to have second doubts on whether it will work the way I envisioned it. Looking for feedback.


I have a 4 year old with a second one in route (December 2013). My wife and I have totally different viewing habits. While she is an avid book reader, she likes to snuggle and watch tv when possible. I'm not a fan of most shows but do like the watching a good flick plus I really enjoy playing my ps3 when there is nothing on TV.

By placing two TV's in one room, I'd like to accomplish my goal of all of us lounging in one room. While I am playing a game, she can watch a movie or tv. If my daughter is awake, I can play a game or watch TV while she watches her favorite cartoon. Its a win-win for everyone.

The GEAR (see picture at bottom)

I will be purchasing a new 65" TV1 and keeping my existing 52" TV2 for the wall. While the TV wont be equal in size, the 65" will be the show piece of the wall. The TV part isn't an issue, I am struggling to design a system for the audio and controlling which TV gets video input.

I am envisioning using an AV receiver for most of my gear (Wii U, PS3, PS4 (future), Roku, and small media pc for the new 65" TV. Some of that gear (PS3, Wii U, Roku, etc) needs to be able to be redirected to the second TV when necessary.

I am thinking of purchasing a HDMI switch in front of the AV receiver to change the direction of the video. For example,If I am watching a movie from the PS3/PS4 on TV1 and want to play the Wii U on the second TV2, I will use the HDMI switch to change the video stream to TV2.

For audio, I plan to purchase a set wireless headphones for the second TV. I haven't decided on the brand but the headphone set will plug directly into the TV for its audio. The second TV wont be able to use the AV receiver for sound but only its internal speakers and wireless headphones. The AV receiver is mostly for TV1 and to ensure great audio and video to this TV.


Based on my description above, will the HDMI switch offer me the ability to switch video at will or will I run into a problem with HDMI handshaking or audio issues on the AV receiver?

Anyone have any suggestions for the wireless headset or HDMI switch?

Am I crazy for designing this thing? Any problems I am not aware of doing this type of setup?

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As I continue my research, I will post what I find here. Instead of using a separate HDMI Matrix switch, I found a rather nice AV receiver that handles multiple outputs using zones. The Denon AVR-3313CI might just work for my setup. The price is a little higher than what I was thinking of spending but its reduces a lot of the complexities I am encountering.

I will post more as this project develops.
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After my premilinary research, the Denon AVR-3313CI has one major flaw. Since I will have two TVs, I need a receiver that can output two separate videos with their own audio simultaneously. Unfortunately, the Denon can't output digitally for the second TV. I must use analog from the source to the receiver and then HDMI to the TV. Yeaah. That's not gonna work in my situation. Not all my inputs are capable of outputting in analog and plus just a plain in the ass to cable. I may have found a replacement with a Denon AVR-X3000. Supposedly supports digital output to zone 2. Ill need to conduct more research to verify.
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