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Toy Story 3d

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Is it worth getting?

The 3 pack with all 3 movies?

It looks like they do not come with the 2d versions.

I already have them on DVD, not on Blu.
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Yes, I have Toy Story 1 & 2 on DVD and all 3 on 3D. The 3D and bluray quality for all 3 is great especially for #3.
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I was kind of curious about this, seeing as the first two movies weren't framed or rendered originally with 3D in mind, while the third one was. So I can see the third one being the best of the bunch in 3D implementation. That's why I've been kind of "meh" about the re-releases, especially since I already own them all on Blu-ray.. I hate double-dipping just for something like this.
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The first two movies are good in 3D as well. The 3D feels natural, and it's impressive in many places despite it not originally being made with 3D in mind. The 3D "director" chose to limit depth in indoor scenes to give a sense of safety, and conversely expand it when outdoors heighten the sense of vulnerability. The two movies were then re-rendered to make them natively stereoscopic.

Is it worth it if you already own a version of the movies? Depends on price, how much you like the movies, how much you want to expand your 3D library, etc etc. But I don't think anyone should worry about its 3D quality.
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