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Up and Coming craziness...........Big doin's in the Big Easy!

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Wednesday next week, I'm going deep into true Cajun Country, down to Naw-lans, LA. Yep....goin' down into Bowl-Town, bet'twix the Levee and the Gulf.

I'm a Fittin' ta do up a 100" High Ambient Light Silver Fire v2.5 5.0 screen for use in a FPS set-up in a Video Game / Laser Tag Emporium. PJ to be used is the Viewsonic PJD6683ws...same one I used in this Thread: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1432177/painting-onto-a-106-tab-tensioned-screen-with-silver-fire-v2-5-4-0

Oh but that's not nearly all...... wink.gif

In the same establishment I will build a 200" diagonal Screen, using wood framing, covered with (...now here this...) seamless Projector Material from Carl's Place.
The PJ to be used will be the Hercules of 1080p PJs, the BenQ SH940 w/ 4000 lumen / 50K:1 CR

In a exception to the general DIY ule, I posted the link above based on the fact that the assembled Screen built will also be painted with Silver Fire v2.5 4.0 I have painted upon the Flexi-White material before, and found it to be an order of magnitude better a surface than Black Out Cloth. Ultra smooth, pristine White, and very durable yet with just enough stretch-ability to allow for an easy mounting onto a big-arse frame.

I will judiciously and conscientiously document every single step of both DIY builds, and post them up...perhaps as a running Blog. But I expect to nail down both projects in just under 48 hours, Garr-run-teed.....because I'm a'going a'fishin' out on the Gulf while I'm down there...you bet'cha!

BTW, anyone in the general area of NO,LA is welcome to come by and gawk, lift a Glass, and share in the experience. Just PM me for details and location.

AVS'ers loosed on Naw-Lans. We don't need no stinkin' Beads neither!
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Ain't nobody livin' around the Big Easy? We're talkin' a Cajun Fish Fry and Movie here.... !
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......and it has begun.....,

So far the 100"er is up and painted (...Videos of the complete painting process (4 coats)later today...) and the Frame for the 200'er is complete, and just minutes away from this posting from being covered with the Screen material.

It's 4 am in the Big Easy, and I have a hiatus until tomorrow evening at 10:30 pm before the painting on the 200"er will commence.

There is something completely natural about being up at 4 am in New Orleans. Be assured, I have my best tool ( Liquid Wrench ) firmly in my grasp. Becks Sapphire....my latest fav. cool.gif
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I have digested all my Crab, Oysters, quaffed my last "Drive-Thru Daiquiri" (Gator Bite), consumed two heaping bowls of the Hottest, Saltiest Jambalaya on the Planet, and have floated back home awash in over 2 gallons of Becks Sapphire On with the documentation.

1st up...the Little'n. smile.gif

The substrate was Sintra (48" x 85") glued to the drywall. This application is to be part of a Dual 1st Person Shooter "upgrade" from the original 40" sized RPTV Console Game.
Projector is a Viewsonic PFD6683ws Short Throw (note the hanging white bag)

100"er getting squirted......with Silver Fire 2.5 5.0 4 coats total...last coat excluded from videos.

Then there was....The Monster.

Stepping back after dictating build and materials, I took some shots of my Posse "gettin' it together".

First a shot of the intended location

The initial perimeter frame. Constructed of Hand picked Clear Pine 2x4s A total 2-16'ers: 6 -10'ers All Corners and central supports tied together with Simpson Strong Tie 90 Degree "L's" and "T's"

Too many cooks?

Standing in the need of prayer.....prayin' it'll hold together!

A shot of the Central support offset (3/4")

This was done via a Table saw rip.

The "T's" seen here:

And...a Ripped French Cleat.
............also, please note the Aircraft Cable (x2) that is to be a secondary holding method. Redundancy is required with a 80 lb Screen hung at 12' off the floor.

The "Monster" as covered with "Flexi-White" Screen material from Carls Place (...and thank you Carl, for getting it there without nary a wrinkle...) before the painting commences:

Now...the Painting...complete with the famous (...infamous...? ) Mississippi Shuffle across a 12'' wide 20' long plank 4' off the floor.
Not the "Scissor Sisters"...but two Guys attaching 1/2 of the French Cleat.

And at last....the 200"er hung in place.

Sorry, but no images up on this ginormous thingee....the BenQ SP940 is to be hung sometime this week at a 24.7" throw that will, with the proposed 1.1 gain Silver Fire 2.5 5.0 should result in the Screen producing at minimum 36' foot lambert of reflected brightness.
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Great looking screen!!!

Looking froward for the screenies smile.gif
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Originally Posted by superleo View Post

Great looking screen!!!

Looking froward for the screenies smile.gif

Yeah...and iffin' they don't get'em quicker enough for me, I may just go drive back down fur'em myself!

(...missin' that Drive Thru Daiquiri stand already! biggrin.gif )

And I gotta stress this...I ain't never really experienced Cajun hospitality before, and Brother...it's something ya miss when it's over.
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Looks great man. I might have to check it out when I go down to NOLA (for the first time) in a few weeks.
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Originally Posted by davemex View Post

Looks great man. I might have to check it out when I go down to NOLA (for the first time) in a few weeks.

Absolutely do! Be certain to ask to play the FPS Game with the 100"er. And when you see the Laser Tag Floor your gonna go nuts. It's no.3 in the nation next to Baton Rouge and some other "Yankee" Location that claims no.1

If you promise to take some Screen shots, I'll send you a Coupon for one Free Large Daiquiri of you choice. (...but choose Gator Bite...it's Da Bomb! )

Later down the road there will be a 240" 120 degree curved Tank Battle Game. Leastwise if I have any influence. biggrin.gif
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How does the finished screen quality of the flexiwhite material compare to sintra? I ask because one of the limiting factors on the screen size in my planned build is the ability to get sintra around a tight 90 degree bend at the bottom of the basement steps.Might be a useful alternative.
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It is EXTREMELY smooth and free of texture. And...it accepts paint from a sprayed source like NO Black Out Cloth ever could. Virtually no Fuzzies (so no sanding)

It's good stuff, but alone it lacks any degree of deep Blacks if ANY direct or reflected light come near.
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I just purchased the Flexiwhite material from Carl's. It looks like you didn't use primer or any type of adhesion promoter. Would it be a good idea to make sure the screen lasts? I worry that the tension of stretching the fabric over the frame may cause the paint to crack or flake off over time.
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Don't worry. The amount of SF or RS-MM paint required is very thin, and the preponderance of Polyurethane and Acrylic Latex make it very flexible.

Some much so, after having peeled / pulled a coating of such paints off rubberized Plastic, I noted the paint was actually able to be stretched...certainly far more than any flexing that would result from doing any post-stretching down the road.

Besides, you stretch the Fabric first, then paint...not the other way around.

Lastly, among all other flexible surfaces I have personally dealt with, the ultra smooth Vinyl surface of the Flexi-White (...and some select Mfg Screens...) is very well suited for receiving such thin sprayed coatings, one needs but apply it in incremental thin coats (Dusters fashion) and there is no need for any primer. In fact, adding primer would only increase overall thickness, leading to having a lack of flexibility and increased chance of issues, not a lessening thereof.

Absolutely lastly...the 1.1 gain surface is at least "as bright" if not brighter than any Prime can aspire to, so that to makes priming redundant...nay, wholly moot.
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OK........ cool.gif

Just received a few Screenies of the 200" diagonal Silver Fire 2.5 5.0 from the owner of Laser Tag in NOLA.

They are Cell-ies, and while not up to MMan's usual standards, one cannot be choosy. I will return for more, once Fishin' season ramps up. wink.gif

The first two show the screen as most all see it.

This last one...a "step back" frame, shows the large, 8' 2-Tube Florescent Fixture just off to the right and positioned at the same level of the screen and between the Cell Phone Camera and the screen. The "wash out" appearance on the screen is not accurate, the Cell Phone is metering the intensity of the Light Fixture. (...why the "taker" did not stand "centered" I have no clue... rolleyes.gif )

One needs only to remember that what is shown is a 200" image in a extremely lit room. The obvious conclusion being that with a Silver Fire 2.5 5.0 coating, and sufficient lumen output in respect to screen size and lighting condition, good 'ol SF paint can do the same job the erstwhile Mfg specialty Ambient Light screens can do. And do it in far bigger sizes as well !!

But most of all ya all already know'd that, doesn't ya? biggrin.gif
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That looks amazing!
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What did you end up trimming the frame out with?
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Originally Posted by unkle3474 View Post

What did you end up trimming the frame out with?

Protostar "Self Adhesive" Flocking Material wrapped directly onto the Top of the FlexiWhite and around the sides
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Any advantage in using that instead of the velvet wrapped trim normally suggested?
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It was used in this instance because the Screen was too large to accommodate single pieces of MDF Trim.
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