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Distance for projector setup question

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I am considering putting a projector in my garage and the distance would be about 12-13 feet from the projector to the wall. I am not familiar with the short vs long throw, so question is would I need a short throw for that distance or not?
Thanks in advance.
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Depends on how big of a picture you want. Can't answer the question without you providing that tidbit of info first.
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Its going to project to a full wall so anywhere from 100 or greater, really not set on that yet.
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In that case you'll definitely want a short throw. Once you find a projector you like, use ProjectorCentral's calculator to determine screen size and mounting location.
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Bluray on a native 800x600? naaaa. Even for presentation it's bad. Well, what do you plan to do with it?
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In my garage for my son to hang with his friends and watch sports and game some.
What about this one compared to the Benq above?

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Like vanylapep said, that ViewSonic is completely out of the question because of its laughably low resolution. The Acer is far too dim to use at the screen size you want. The BenQ is ok but at that price point you're better off spending an extra $100-200 for a 1080p projector. While this current generation of console games can't take advantage of the extra pixels, your son will thank you when the PS4 comes out.
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Stop guessing, and stop looking at projectors, and please start doing some reading.

The Optoma HD66 is about the cheapest model I can imagine using or recommending to anyone. It will produce a decent image on a 100"+ screen and can be had around $500.


It is well reviewed and has a strong history.

It is also several years old.

I would recommend that you up your price point a bit and go with the BenQ W1070 or similar. For $900 you can get full 1080p for HDTV viewing and with plenty of brightness and a shorter/medium throw lens which can get large from a 12' throw distance.

From 12' the HD66 can hit a 106" diagonal.

From the same 12' the BenQ W1070 can hit a 110" to 143" diagonal. So, you can get a fair bit more size from it.

Up to you really... But, avoid the LED models, they aren't appropriate for any serious use whatsoever.
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