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Media Shelf cabinet ideas? Anyone use Popcorn cart or Candy Case?

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I am needing help thinking of what I can do with my media tower. Currently it is to large and just looks un-natural. I don't really have anywhere to move it so it is truly hidden as the basement was already finished when I purchased the house. I had thought of trying to find a broken popcorn machine and turning that into a media cabinet thinking it may look like theater decor while serving a purpose. Anyone else have any ideas or thoughts. I really just need 3 shelves (AV receiver, PS3 and DirectTV HD box)

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How about this short cabinet from Ikea? Might be worth a look. There are a couple of different glass door options to class it up a bit. I have a taller version in my media closet.

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Originally Posted by Wired4Speed2 View Post

......... Currently it is to large and just looks un-natural.
Umm, that's coz it is unnatural! smile.gif

But seriously, you could go with the concept you're already thinking about, disguising it as something else, (like the popcorn machine) - build the gear into a console video game, an old jukebox, an arcade game cabinet, an coke cooler/dispenser, etc.

Or you could maybe build the equipment into an end-table to go at one end of the sofa.

I couldn't quite tell from the photograph, but is there any option to recess the gear into the stub wall between the two rooms (with maybe extra framing & drywall to cover the backside of the equipment) or to consider pushing through any of the other walls? Or along similar lines, maybe build a false front to the room to house the screen (and the new masking system that you know you want biggrin.gif), speakers, discs, and other storage - either make it into a focal point for the whole room, or make everything totally hidden, or some combo of the two. Or make a mirrored pair of 45-degree cabinets to go into the corners, flanking the screen?

If you have a large collection of physical media (an endangered species, I know) maybe you could combine the storage and equipment rack into a more integrated single piece?

I know you didn't ask for it, but on a personal note, apart from the height, I didn't find the equipment rack you show in the photo to be out of place in your room - all the other equipment is on view, clearly making this an AV-oriented space (with the possible exception of the pink table & chairs). This probably suggests that a smaller, three or four shelf unit would also be appropriate - there are lots of options available! [Remember though, you may only have three boxes now, but this hobby has the sneaky ability to lure you into acquiring more trophies....extra amplifiers, decoders, streaming devices, power conditioners, and on and on...... don't ask me how I know....]

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Dave you are right although with streaming media from a NAS and other connectivity equipment located in another room of the basement I have actually lost equipment at the rack due to no longer needed vhs or dvd recorder. I could use an amp to power outside speakers so I don't have to flip flop from 7.1 to 5.1 on my onkyo receiver. I could recess where they are at into the wall to the right of the equipment is a large bathroom but I would have to remove our storage cabinets that we keep our pool towels and swimwear (Wife said not a snowballs chance). I was also thinking of a small candy case that could house the equipment but I would have to custom build it. I do like your idea of built in corner pieces at each side though. I will attach a room drawing I did. This is almost half my basement, I have more room on the other side but like I said unfortunately I didn't get to design it and I hate it when people cut up a basement into to many rooms.
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Believe me - I really understand the towel thing!

Maybe you could compromise and push into the rear of the bar area's sink unit? With just three pieces of equipment, all you need is an 18" cube of space (and the actual amount sticking into the sink cabinet would be nearer to 14-15 inches because of utilizing the existing stud void).

I'm sure you've thought of this, but you actually don't need to have the equipment facing your seats - it looks like you might possibly have some under stairs options, as well as maybe utilizing part of the space directly behind the two rows of seating or even the actual designated storage area. There are many IR, IP and/or serial control options that would give you the flexibility to place the gear behind you and with the majority of equipment providing on-screen-displays, there really is no need to physically see what you're controlling - the equipment stack in my own HT is perpendicular to the front row of seats, behind a double-skinned perforated metal door (!).

However, I do like your train of thought about disguising the equipment stack as something else - I've used Auton lifts to conceal gear in furniture and I can definitely see the appeal of burying it in something like a popcorn cart - hiding in plain sight! Maybe someone with more creative energy than I can currently muster can chime in too!

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I was looking at adding a pivoting Rack under the stairs (sports closet) using a pivoting communications rack. I hated to drill into my stair supports and header to run the cables in their though. The way the drywall and drop ceiling is it buts right to it. I was trying to keep is away from the plumping as water and electronics usually don't mix if something would go south. I had thought of putting it in my furnace room which is on the same wall as the bathroom but closer to where I was standing to take the picture. Again it would be right next to water lines as that is where the lines meet , and water softner is nearby. I like the way your thinking though
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