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Jumping into the world of Media Players -> Dune?

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I want to get a media player and I have been sitting on the fence for a while now. I'm looking for a player that can play just about any format and one that I won't feel the need to upgrade constantly. I understand that the Dune players will play just about anything thrown at them and the owners seem to be pretty happy with them for the long term (at least from my forum reading). I plan on streaming from a Synology DS412+ hardwired to the player on my network. My tv is a 2D version and I don't see myself upgrading anytime soon for a 3D version. Last year, I had my eye on the Dune Smart H1 so I would have the option of installing a 3TB drive straight into the player as well as play files from the NAS.

It's been a while since I looked at the prices for the Dune Smart H1 but I'm having a hell of time finding them for the prices I once saw. Are they that scarce now? Should I be looking at a newer version instead? Should I be looking at a different make entirely?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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They are no longer in production. An option might be the 303D by dune its cheaper then the base3d, a mede8er 600x3d even if you dont plan on using the 3d its still nice to have. and might as well get the latest and greatest if the cost is that close
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Well damn, the certainly explains why I haven't seen the Dune players online. I will look into the mede8er 600x3d and the Dune 303D. Do you know if Dune stopped producing the Smart series because they are going to release a newer version of that line?
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At this time there is no word on a new Smart series. They have the base3d and the 303d and a 3rd party release called the zappitti player which is just like the base3d,, with word of a vaporware dune max which has been vaporware for 4 years now.
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Thanks for the heads up halfelite. Looks like I need to either find a gently used Dune Smart H1 or start researching alternatives. Gotta love vaporware...
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Aside from 2D, what are you needs for a media player? What A/V formats are you using? Wireless? Wired? One room or multiple rooms?
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2D, wired, and one room right now. As far as file format goes, this is all new territory for me. I would like to rip my BDs to my NAS and play those. We also have movies of our kids that I would like to play. Those were recorded in various formats though.
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The best and most stable thing on the market is the Dune Smart series as others have mentioned. I just got one and it's been amazing (H1). I have taken all the isos I use to throw @ my bdp-93 oppo toward the Dune now and bought 2 more Dune smart units for other rooms/backup. Only good place to find them now is overseas in Europe at this point some 3rd party sellers still sell on amazon, I had buddies help me with the proxy buys....the current one I have I lucked out recently from ebay with a nice conditioned one.
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