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Best bang for the buck in-ceiling speakers?

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I'm looking for moderately priced in-ceiling speakers for the living room as well as outdoor covered patio.

I don't want to spend a lot of money since they will only be used once in a while, but I don't want budget speakers, either.

What's the best bang for the buck?

Thanks in advance!
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For outdoors you'll want dedicated outdoor speakers, they'll handle the changes in temperature and humity much better and thus last longer. What's your budget? Is this for music, movies or both?
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Thanks, kemetblk.

Budget....hmmm. Well, I was thinking about $100-200 per speaker. Not sure if that's reasonable or not.

I need a center, 2 fronts, 2 surrounds, and a sub for the dedicated HT (all in-wall if possible).
Two in-ceiling in living room for stereo.
Two in-celing on covered patio for stereo.

I'll be doing mostly movies in the HT and just music in the living room/patio.

As I said, I don't want super high-end or bargain basement, either.
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As far as bang for the buck, I'd check out in-ceiling/in-wall models from Polk, Moderno, and Klipsch. B&W, Martin Logan and Speakercraft also make excellent models although you're looking at prices closer to $250-500+ per speaker. I've personally never heard an in wall sub that sounded good. If you need to keep it small then I suggest getting nice sub with a small form factor, like a SVS SB1000 or SB12-NSD. If you need it even smaller then the Sonos Sub or DefTech Supercube are decent choices, but there truly is no substitue for a good sub. I would personally just bite the bullet and get the best one you can in your budget, regardless of its size.

I know you said the outdoor area is a covered patio, but I still REALLY suggest outdoor specific speakers. You'd be surprised how quickly normal speakers can break down under heat, cold and/or humidity.
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