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2700 or 5000k Cree ?

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What is the more popular choice on here for a general game room/home theater set up? 2700 or 5000K Cree lights?
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Referring to the "K" color scale 2700k would be on the yellow side, 5,000k would be closer to "daytime" normal condition light, which is closer to ~6,500k. As a Remodeling Contractor I recommend ~3,500k in the Kitchen (makes meats look better, 6,500k makes the meats look "greenish" and unappetizing) and anything around ~5,000k - 6,500k for the rest of the home. Bathrooms and women's vanity area especially.
So, IMO, use a dimmer and go for 5,000k for more natural appearing light.

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Can you try each, and see which you prefer?

Make sure they dim well, with your dimmer. Some LEDs don't dim nicely, with some dimmers.
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2700K matches incandescent, 5000K is more like daylight. Be aware that dimmable LEDs generally don't shift color toward the reds like filament bulbs do. 3500K is a nice compromise. Most of the fluorescents I buy at work are 3500K.
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