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Audio from PC to A/V Receiver questions...

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I've got a few questions about running my PC audio through an a/v receiver. There seems to be a ton of confusing, contradictory, and plain out dated information on this subject floating around the 'net. I'll explain my weird audio setup first. I'm running a 3.5mm jack splitter out of my HT Omega Striker sound card to a Lepai LP-2020a+ amp which has a pair of Sony SS-B1000 bookshelf speakers. Out of the other 3.5mm split i have the subwoofer from a set of Altec Lansing Expressionist Ultra 2.1 PC speakers and i manually blend the volumes.

Now my plan is this; Hook up my Sony's and a BIC America center channel (yes, its crap i know) to a Pioneer VSX-1022-K for 3.1 (i'd prefer 5.1 but i simply have no where to place surrounds). Now my first question is would it be possible via RCA mono to 3.5mm adapter to hook up the Altec Lansing sub to the receivers subwoofer pre-out?

Secondly, I've read alot of conflicting information about weather a bitstream via HDMI to receiver is better or worse than digital optical. I do a ton of gaming, and could run HDMI to the receiver from my Radeon 7950, but i've read that in that case your stuck with whatever the initial output is (as in stereo for youtube and the like. i really want the center channel used for dialog and vocals). Now i am pretty sure using digital optical wouldn't have this problem as i know about the DTS and DDL settings in my sound cards software but i keep reading that this is an inferior solution. I'm not a huge audio snob or anything so i'm not sure i would be able to tell the difference.

I hope that all made sense given my odd setup.

My apologies if i posted this in the wrong place.
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I think optical would suit your needs and be fairly simple.

The subwoofer needs to be amplified. If it has its own amp then it might work.
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Go with the HDMI. That receiver has to be able to Matrix the sound to the center channel even if it is a stereo source.

S/PDIF is so last millennium.
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Just to update; I ran the sub-woofer exactly like i described and its working perfectly. I'm also running digital optical out from the sound card and that too is working exactly as I'd hoped. The only 2 issues i've run into with this configuration is the receiver i bought arrives in "demo" mode and there is no way to turn it off without hooking it up to HDMI to access the on-screen GUI. The second, and its a good problem to have is i'm going to have to replace alot of old low quality MP3's because i can hear the compression artifacts now lol.
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