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So in an attempt to quiet my sony 1252q's fans, I think I might have silenced it for ever. After removing all five fans, including the removal of the power supply whilst the projector was mounted on the ceiling, I followed the general consensus of installing a 5.1v Zener diode in line with the red fan wires. I did this for all 5 fans and after reinstalling the fans and power supply the projector will not fire up. It will start for a second, and then shut off and throw a error code 11. I removed the power supply and saw that those fans were not spinning at all when I attempted to start the projector. So I removed the diodes on the ps fans to see if they might be too limiting to start them. That didn't work. Then after some searching I found a comment by chuck Williams, that says there is a fuse on the m2 board (ps251) that can cause the ps fans to not start. I tested the fuse and it seems that it is blown ( multi meter doesn't read any measurement when I test the leads) but I'm not 100% this is the problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions? This is really frustrating... I just wanted to silence my fans. frown.gif