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Ok, looking for some input on the room I'm working on.

I have a home under construction and currently at the framing stage. My media room is going to be roughly 23 by 26 with 9 foot ceilings.

I will have LED can lights in there for light control they are dimmable and I can make them directional.

I'm currently leaning towards a 90 inch LED after the price drops, but I won't have to purchase anything until around Christmas so who knows. I have priced a Sony Projector and Black Diamond 115 inch screen (price is damn near identical) but the thought of not having to worry about room color and any light control is appealing.

Aside from TV vs Projector the real thing I'm considering at this point is 5.1 vs 7.1 vs. 9.1?

I have a set of Salk HT3's HTC and sub so I'm set there. I'm figuring I should probably go with 7.1 at least due to the size of the room, but now I'm curious about 9.1. Worth it?