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Acoustic Advice needed

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I am renting a house and it has a open floor plan , i would like to do some room treatment as as i am afraid that without it the room will sound bad with my PSA xv15. Keep in mind that i can not do much but any advice or options would be nice.

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Auralex free layout support, they did a great job for me. Then 703 panels with inexpensive fabric or auralex foam panels for first reflection points and behind LCR from Amazon, 703 and bulk insulation or Auralex as bass traps in the corner and a couple T-fusors or DIY diffusion on the back half of the room. Stick to ear level treatment only. Gets you 80% to optimal for under $500, $1000 if you go the auralex route over full DIY, I used a combo.

I just used in my home theater.
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If you're trying to tame the sub, auralex foam won't do much -- foam will absorb high frequencies and that sub crossover is probably below 150 hz. You can do some diy bass traps, look up ethan winer posts, he's a bass trap nut. Tri corners (wall/ceiling corner of room) is biggest priority. I've just installed some chunk traps, in my theater build, though it's not going to be justified in a rental. 20130724_134000.jpg 1768k .jpg file

If you are super dedicated, you can hunt down some HVAC fiberglass board -- vs. buying 703. The HVAC stuff is identical, more readily distributed and cheaper. Then cut it into triangles (2x4 panel can yield 8 pieces), but you will need a ton of time, plenty of showers (the stuff is a PITA to work w/ and itches!)...

The cheapest and first thing I'd do is simply move the sub around. Sometimes pointing it into a corner or moving it 10 inches will eliminate a null at your seating position. If you want to reduce the boominess outside of the room you are listening in, that's a whole other issue from sound optimization inside the room. Unfortunately, w/an open space you're SOL.
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Thanks guys , but i was was really looking for something cheaper as i may be moving in a year or buying else where. The Sub will be fixed due to location restrictions , it will be in what would be considered a near field setting.

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