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I have just finished a project I started in October 2012 when I began testing various materials for use as a projector screen (see The outcome is a PDF which contains lots of goodies:

  • comparisons of about 20 fabrics (including paint) in terms of brightness and colour accuracy;
  • specifications for a screen manufactured from roller-blind fabric and components;
  • photos of my completed setup;
  • and details of how I built a painted portable screen.

The 39-page PDF can be downloaded from:

For $700 I now have a screen whose price would have been several times higher if an upmarket brand name was attached. And my gut feeling, backed up by test results, is that the image and build-quality of the screen would be comparable.

Regarding the fabric I ended up using (Copaco SunBloc), if anyone wants a sample they can gmail me at gdburns. I bought what they call a ‘skin’ in the roller-blind trade, and since I am no longer in need of it I may as well recoup some of my testing expenses. Within Australia, I can post a 250 x 300 mm sample for $4. A slightly smaller sample I can send overseas for $5.50. Other sizes may be available on request, but cost would go up because the sample could no longer be sent as a letter.