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F8500 won't hold picture settings?

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This is the most bizzare thing and I just wondered if anyone else has ever faced the same problem.

I adjusted some of the picture settings on my 60" F8500 last night but now whenever I select those settings (e.g. movie) and exit out of the menu the picture slowly gets darker and darker. Not totally blacked out but very low contrast/brightness. In fact, if I just select just about any of the settings (other than dynamic) (e.g. standard) and then exit out of the menu, the picture gets darker and darker slowly over about 30 seconds. But, if I go back into the settings and select the dynamic setting then suddenly they're back to normal. The problem is that it won't hold any of the settings after I exit the menu, except for the dynamic setting. For some reason it holds that setting but not the others.

I went back and did a factory reset, but still seems to have the same problem. I also unplugged and rebooted the TV. Very weird. Any idea what I might have done to cause this?
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I don't have this TV but the slow dimming sounded to me like the behavior of my laptop with its ambient light sensor and automatic brightness adjustments.

A quick google for the manual and it looks like your TV has an "Eco Sensor" that might be getting engaged.
Eco Sensor:
Automatically adjusts the TV's brightness level based on the ambient light level to reduce the
TV's power consumption. If the Eco Sensor has adjusted the screen's brightness level, you can
manually adjust the screen's minimum brightness level by adjusting Min. Backlight or Min Cell
Light (applicable models). If Eco Sensor is enabled and the Picture menu's Backlight or Cell Light
(applicable models) value is changed, Eco Sensor is automatically disabled.

The troubleshooting section of the manaul has this to say:
Flickering and Dimming:
If your Samsung Television is flickering or dimming sporadically, you may need
to disable some of the energy efficiency features. Disable Energy Saving (System
> Eco Solution > Eco Sensor) and/or Energy Saving (System > Eco Solution >
Energy Saving) and check again

Good luck!
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Yup, this sounds precisely like the ambient light sensor behavior. Disengage it and all should be fine.
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