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HDMI Matrix Switches That Don't Blank?

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I'm wondering how many HDMI matrix switchers are out there which do not blank when a shared source is sent to a new display. As interested as I am in implementing HDMI matrixing in my home, I have yet to pull the trigger because I won't take a unit which requires blanking across the displays when the same source is sent to a new display.

I know that AMX, Crestron, and Extron don't blank, but I'm wondering if there are any products which have less spectacular price tags which do this.

I just did an installation with a Gefen 4x2 GTB unit which does blank.

My requirements would be for at least a 8x8 matrix, but I'm really in no rush as I have my complete setup done already with component video switching and I'm just looking for insight into actual products which work as describe. I would like to hear from others what they have experienced - whether it blanks or not.
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I cant do 8x8 but happy to report we don't have 'blanking' when shared Zones or Sources change state!


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It seems like this is the way of the world right now... I appreciate that you offer up a product that doesn't blank on HDMI switching, but for sure 4x4 won't cut it in my home (not even sure if 8x8 will). But, it is the lack of responses which astounds me.

Fast switching and non-blanking seem to be the two big failures of most of the HDMI matrixing worlds. You look at A/V receivers with dual HDMI outputs and you better believe that all your TVs blank when a common source is shared. Forget EDID management or any other advanced features...

I think one of the most frustrating things about HDMI matrices is that the information on them is thin... at best. You can see some videos of Crestron/AMX/Extron product out there, but Aurora, Gefen, and the rest have a pretty thin library considering the several thousand dollar price tag. Forget reviews of these products as well, they are about as thin as the rest of the stuff.

Ah well, I will likely start ordering up some demo gear next month to see what the 8x8 switchers out there have to offer.
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In order to get there, you'll have to get a matrix switch with some semblence of HDCP/EDID manangement so that the source/display dosn't have to handshake each time you switch. The lower price range of such a switch is around $3K like and commercial units like this with more flexibility will run you aroundt $6K and up.
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Who mentioned 4x4 – we have your 8 Zones covered (in fact we have 9 if you include the Mirrored HDMI socket on Zone A) smile.gif

You have to remember what HDMI is designed to achieve – content protection is the name of the game and without some fancy work around for HDCP the system forces your Display devices to renegotiate with your Sink whenever there is a change in state!

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Sorry Joe - I need at least 8x8 or larger and you said in your previous post that you couldn't go that large. I'm well aware of what and why HDCP is such a CF to all us consumers while doing absolutely nothing to prevent piracy in any manner whatsoever, but the industry and manufacturers are lousy about advertising how their products deal with it within their switchers.

Non-blanking during switching is a huge feature which should be up front and center as that is a big differentiator between HDMI matrices. Most DO blank, and most people who are looking at a HDMI matrix don't need to be told what a matrix switch does, though that is important as well. But, time to switch, blanking, key handling, and the rest are all important factors.

It would be nice to know which $3,000 8x8 matrix is non-blanking and might be somewhat quick.

I know Crestron lists upwards of $13,000 in their 8x8 chassis with everything I want and I know of no other product which can do what theirs can, but I'd rather buy half a car for that kind of money!

So, lower priced solutions and people's actual experience with them is certainly appreciated.
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