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Xbox 360 Price Drop

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With the new Xbox One on the Horizon, does anyone think the 360 might drop in price?

Looking at buying a 360, upgrade from Wii but if there is a chance pice may drop I may hold off.....thoughts?
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Man we have been waiting 4 years now for a price drop. At this point IDK if it is coming biggrin.gif.
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Maybe they will drop the price of the 360 when they drop the price of the WiiU?
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The Kinect basic system recently dropped from $299 to $279, heck every little bit adds up. Think I am going to get it next week with Mass having tax free weekend.....
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Didn't quite know where to put this. So this thread is as good as any.


It's actually good news for those of us who will not be early adopters. But still love our Xbox 360's. MS is really doing some great things with the Xbox 360 right now. Much more positives than they are being credited with in the media and forums. I can cite the redesign...the extended support from the article above...100 new games over the next 3 years...and free games currently underway as prime examples. Because of the greater profitability they and developers are reaping in the Xbox 360 right now, I wouldn't even be surprised to see that 2016 date extended out to 2020. Especially if they lower the price and devs/indies continue to support it. In this area, I think MS deserves huge applause.
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I wish they hadn't. Now there's going to be people proclaiming that Microsoft has set a built in date of discontinuance for the Xbox 360 when all this statement does is guarantee support for several more years which is only a positive thing for 360 gamers. Nothing is said there about when the end will come.

I bet support and production goes well past that date when all is said and done. And then several years of technical support and Xbox Live support after the date that hardware and software production has largely concluded.

Still nice to have it in writing though that they're planning to keep this platform alive and thriving for at least three more years although I think it's rather obvious that it still has a long healthy life ahead of it.

Unlike the money losing Xbox that had a small userbase by comparison whose sole purpose was to get Microsoft's foot in the door, there's no incentive to discontinue this one anytime soon. And since Xbox Live is so much more integrated and popular on the Xbox 360, Xbox Live support should have many more years left ahead of it since a healthy chunk of their subscription money will be coming from the 360 side for years to come.
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