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Please ignore

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I have a sony Qualia 004. In fact, I have two.. I love the picture on this projector so much that I bought a back up unit.. I plan to use it until I buy the sony 4k.

I think this projector (perhaps because of its $6000 lens) is superior to many of the new generation projectors. I use it with a 145" wide screen and the picture is quite stunning.

The negative for this projector, is the cost of lamp hours. I do have a wtb in classified.. but I thought I would check here also.

I am seeking a source for the lamp. Lamp model number LMP-H700.

I hope the replacement lamp is cheaper now. I think I recall the name Atlas.. I think that's what I bought, 2 years ago and it worked fine. I need to find those people again. I am just looking for the most cost effective solution - to see if there are any less expensive alternatives.
I do have extra lamp which I can send in for bulb replacement.

Suggestions for source please?


update: please ignore.. I found a lamp that I had in stock.. biggrin.gif.. As I said, I bought two projectors and put one in storage.. I just found the extra bulb. smile.gif
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I would contact AVScience (the sister website of AVSForum). When I was looking for a genuine replacement bulb for my old Marantz VP-11S1 they were the cheapest around. I saved a few hundred bucks when everyone else wanted almost $800 for a genuine bulb. If they can get these bulbs I'm sure they'll have a great price on them. I also trust them because they only carry genuine bulbs. Most sites sell non-OEM ones that aren't half the quality OEM ones are.
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The most effective cost solution is to replace the lamp bulb only, instead of the whole assembly.
I have done it on the Ruby, quite easy, but I do not know the difference with the Qualia.
Search eBay for "Cermax Y1848C Perkin Elmer Excelitas" and you will find it.
Those guys can also replace the bulb for you if you ship them the whole assembly.
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thanks geegi.. but I just realized that I have an extra blub (signs of ageing! biggrin.gif).
I did buy a lamp two years ago and kept it as a backup- but I have not yet used it.. I just found it. My bad. biggrin.gif

my current lamp has 950 hours.. Some say it would last 1500 hours (I use it in economy mode).. Hopefully, by that time, I would have my new 4k. smile.gif

Please consider this thread closed.
Thank you.
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