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JTR 7.1 setup for a dedicated Movie room

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After some extensive research and reading through various reviews I've decided to go with JTR. Just finished a 20x13x8.5 room with carpet/acoustic panels etc, enclosed!
The equipment list is as follows:

Carada 235:1 120"
Denon 4311
Oppo 105
... and a few other things.

For a room this size I'll be doing two rows - the back row being approximately 18-19' away from the screen, which speakers out of the range do you advise on going with? For subs I'm thinking two - maybe Rythmic/HSU or something else, I've had the SVS in the past but I'm sure there are better...

Fire away, my budget is around $5k for speakers/subs.

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You won't be able to do a 7.1 all JTR system with $5k, but you can do the front stage, which is the most important. Also, it won't be cheap to find subwoofers that can actually keep up with JTR speakers (unless you can do a bit of DIY). My recommendation would be get one decent sub now and add another later when you can afford it. I would go for a single Rythmik FV15HP, which wouldn't be much more than $1400 shipped, with the intention of adding another later. It has some pretty astonishing measurements for the price, lots of output, very deep bass, and high quality sound.. For the surround speakers I would go for JBL 8320s, although four of them will press hard on your budget. A less expensive alternative would be four of these Hsu HB-1 speakers, and Hsu could probably give you a small discount for getting a package of them if you asked. A terrific speaker mount for heavy duty bookshelf speakers like those are the Videosecu side-clamping mounts, you will not find a better mount for the money.

By the way, if you haven't purchased a projector yet, you might take a look at the Mitsubishi HC5. I was looking at the JVC RS45, and did a lot of reading up on the projectors in the 2k to 3k price range. From what I understand the JVC will have better black levels, but the Mitsubishi HC5 is better in many other respects, and it's a bit less expensive. You can get them for nearly 2k shipped if you look. Ask about it in the projector forums, there are guys who are doing a back to back comparison.
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Thanks, I'll probably go ahead with the Hsu surrounds. Do you recommend the Single 8s then?
as far as everything else, I already have it waiting ready to be installed.
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Single 8s ought to do nicely, and are pretty much the only JTR speaker you can afford without going way over budget.
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I can't see any benefit in going with the Oppo 105 over the 103 in this set up. You would save $700 getting the 103 that you could use to upgrade speakers.
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Sorry I mean't to say Oppo 103. Just to be clear The above has already been purchased and awaiting to be opened up.
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One thing I would strongly suggest doing, is going with dual subs over a single sub like a FV15HP. Unless you were planning on adding a second one down the road. Your room is almost the exact same size as mine, and you'd be better served with using two subs over one to help deal with room modes and nulls in the bass.

I think you'd be better off going with two LV12R's from Rythmik or two XV15's from PSA over a single FV15HP.
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Going with dual subs for certain but having a very hard time trying to figure out which speakers to go with. I auditioned a few this weekend and loved the following:

Totem Tribe V
PSB Imagine Ts

Obviously I'd prefer to stick to an ID company. I feel the biggest challeneg I'm facing is having only 18" of space on each side of the screen.
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Look at the used market, the odd time you'll see JTR stuff come up. Get a few flat pack 4 cf boxes from Erich and 2 SI or Dayton 18" subs and a inuke 6000 or similar and you'll be rockin.
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