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Streaming to PS3 + recoding BD to MKV

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First off, I'm new to the forum. I searched around and couldn't locate a better place for this question, so here it goes:
I'm trying to save wear-and-tear on my PS3 BD drive, so I'm ripping BDs onto my computer for streaming to the PS3. I use PS3MediaServer as my streaming software.
My primary concern is the AUDIO tracks. I don't want to lose audio quality, as this is much more noticeable to me than loss of video quality when compressing a 35GB m2ts file into an MKV around 8-10GB. If the movie has DTS Master Audio or Dolby TrueHD, I want those tracks to remain so they can be sent to the PS3, passed-through the PS3 to my Onkyo TS-XR805 for decoding in all their glory!
I'm OK with compressing the video to save space. I've seen some 8GB rips that look indistinguishable from their BD source on my 50" screen. If I had a 65" screen or bigger, maybe I'd say screw it and not compress.

So, what software can properly process my 35GB m2ts file into an 8-10GB mkv file by compressing the video, while simultaneously leaving the DTS-MA or Dolby TrueHD audio untouched?

I've read some posts elsewhere that indicate PS3MediaServer can stream DTS Core + Master Audio 'extension;' if not, please advise a better software for that. Or, tell me it's not possible and I'll call it a day.

Last part of my question: I own Nero Recode 12. When I select recode to MKV with DTS (passthrough) selected, will this maintain the DTS-MA track or will it only give me the DTS Core?
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I could be wrong but I'm not so sure the PS3 does HD audio pass-through over DLNA and even if it does the PS3 uses Cinavia DRM to kill audio tracks that dont come from original discs. So your HD audio isn't going to be much use on those films with Cinavia.

You probably will want to look at something like a Popcornhour A400 in order to play HD audio in mkv without any interference.
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Dune, Mede8er, PCH would be a better option for streaming movies. PS3 has implemented Cinavia. Good luck.
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Thanks for the replies. The particular disc I'm attempting to recode does not appear to have Cinavia, as I streamed the m2ts file version of the movie through PS3MediaServer successfully.
From what I understand, PS3 doesn't decode DTS at all (no built-in decoder), so it encapsulates the DTS audio in a 2-channel audio stream to pass-through HDMI to my receiver, which then decodes with its internal DTS-MA decoders, which are better than PS3's anyway.

Nobody has yet commented on the meatiest part of my question: how do I compress the video portion of the file while maintaining uncompressed DTS-MA audio tracks for storage in an MKV or other PS3/DTS-compliant similar format?
Thanks a lot folks! smile.gif
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You can use Handbrake for that purpose. Just be aware that it will take several hours for this to be accomplished per movie.
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