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Need help and recommendation on a 5.1 setup

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I've heard great reviews on the Denon AVR-1613 receiver. I'm considering getting this along with a Samsung PN51F5500, and a Sony BDPS790. Basically I'm just looking for a 5.1 setup but I'd like for it to be somewhat future proof. Problem is I don't know exactly what features everyone is going after and I still need to do some more research. Ideally I'd like to be able to play files off a usb stick, watch Netflix, have 4x up scaling (future), no file format reading issues, stream videos off the internet using the blue ray player with no lag issues, and play video games with minimal input lag. Optimized for Xbox 1 and PS4 would be a plus. Being able to stream files that are on my PC through wifi and play them wirelessly would be great also. Not sure what other features I should be concerned with? This setup is in a finished basement with no windows, so I'm thinking plasma is the way to go.

Is there another receiver out there that would be a better option for what I'm trying to accomplish? At the moment I'm looking at:

Denon AVR-1613 - $250
Sony BDPS790 - $248
Samsung PN51F5500 - $850

So roughly $1350 shipped

How does this compare to a higher end setup like an OPPO BDP-103 ($500, Pioneer SC-1522 - $800 , with the Samsung PN51F8500 - $1900)

This setup would be $3200, but am I really gaining anything other than a quad core processor on the plasma, 9.2 channel on the receiver (which I won't use) and region free on the BDP-103? If that's it, I can't justify spending the extra $1850 unless I won't be able to accomplish what is listed above. Note that my budget is not under $1500, but I'd rather not spend $3000+ if it's not really necessary to accomplish the above. I'd rather than money go towards a good set of speakers and sub which is another topic. Any help or recommendation is much appreciated. I honestly have no idea when taking the new technology into account what price range I should even be looking at for a higher than average 5.1 setup with a 51"1080P 3D 600hz TV and a blue ray player. What price range for the speakers and sub are we talking for a higher than ave but not top of the line setup?
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IMO you should concentrate the money on the display and the speakers/sub, and not on the receiver. All receivers basically sound same, i.e. speakers will make a FAR bigger difference than anything else. Split the budget into audio and video categories and within audio spend most of it on the speakers.

Even entry level receivers these days come with features like Airplay, 4K support, and network playback. When you spend more you get features such as preouts (for connecting external amps, which if you don't care about its unlikely you need), a graphical OSD, more power, and better room correction software (e.g. YPAO, Audyssey etc). Onkyos in general are not known for being reliable as you can see in the various support threads here. You should also look at closeout prices on last years models (this year doesn't have much new).

I wouldn't spend $250 on a BR player, even a basic $100 unit of which there are many, and often go on sale, will give the same picture and video quality (its all over HDMI), have Netflix etc. You mentioned a games console, since those are coming out in a few months and if you plan to buy one, you might want to wait, they will have the BR drive.

For speakers I'd also recommend an Internet direct retailer, those are quite a bit cheaper.
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I picked up an AVR-1813 from best buy as an open box item for $279
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Perhaps you mean either 1713 or 1913 as there is no 1813? For more information on your new Denon AVR, click on the "2012 Denon AVR-XX13 Models" thread linked in my sig, especially reviewing posts #3-6 in that thread.
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Sorry, meant 1913
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