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Need Satellite Speakers to Match Current Sub and Amp

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My uncle donated his Onkyo Tx-SR707 amp and Yamaha YST-SW100 sub to me the other day. My current TV is set up in an enclosed 12'x12' square room. I am wondering what sort of satellite speakers I should purchase to accompany this setup. Is there anything in particular I should look for? I am looking for a 5.1 setup, so I need to purchase 4 more satellites.
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For 5.1, you'll need 5 speakers for the center, left , right and surrounds. The sub is the .1.

Anything will work for you as long as all the speakers are matched so you will get the same sound from all of them.
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Sorry, I meant 4.1 :P

How about quality? Shouldn't all the speakers be of the same tier? The sub seems to be quite a good sub, so would it be a waste to pair it up with lower tier sats?

ifor: what do you mean by: "as all the speakers are matched so you will get the same sound from all of them"?
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What is your budget?
Any size constraints?
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My budget would be under $500 for four speakers, and I don't have any size constraints. I am more worried about making sure the speakers I get are of the same grade as my sub so the sounds from my sub would sound significantly better then my satellites and become a bottleneck for my audio experience.

For example, lets say I purchase a really great top of the line computer to play video games on, but I have only 1GB of RAM. I wouldn't be able to get much gaming done with such little RAM. I am unfamiliar with audio speakers, but would I run into a case like this - especially since after reading the reviews for my sub that it is a high quality sub back when it came out.
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So... you have a center already? Do they have to be bookshelves? Can they be towers?
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The Yamaha sub is not a high end sub so you don't have to worry about it outshining your speakers.

Where are you located? Can you have towers or bookshelf speakers?

Here are some good deals on towers.

There are lots of bookshelf speakers available that you could get for $250/pr.

Boston Acoustics A26 and A26

Polk RTiA1 and RTiA3

You could actually use the RTiA3 for the fronts and RTiA1 for surrounds and still be right at $500.

Cambridge Audio S30

Since you said 4.1 does that mean you already have a center channel or that you don't want want one? If you already have a center you should get something that matches it.
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lol, I was trying to be nice about his sub by not mentioning it.
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That is great news that my sub is not a high end one. My uncle is very wealthy and loves his theater room, so I assumed he bought a really expensive sub. Now I feel much better about his present smile.gif

I live in Vancouver, Canada, and I would prefer to purchase something locally. Is there anything in particular when I am looking for a set of speakers? I can go for either tower or bookshelf speakers.
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You need to go out locally and listen to some different speakers. I know you have Best Buy and Futureshop up there and they have some speakers in your price range such as Klipsch F-10, Fluance, and Precision Acoustics.




Bookshelf speakers



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I went to a few stores yesterday to listen to some speakers (including the ones mentioned above) and I had mixed advice. I was given different advice from several different sales rep:

Look for a heavy speaker as that means quality. Also check the connectors at the back as quality speakers would have bigger and more secure connectors
Since you have a Yamaha sub, you want Yamaha speakers to ensure you have the same quality of sound

Also, I believe my amp can only support 100 watt per channel (http://www.amazon.ca/electronics/dp/B002DSMNPC). Looking at the following speaker that was recommended to me, is this speaker compatible with my amp? The specs says it has a power capability of 200 watts?

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The 707 would have plenty of power for those speakers. Just because they can handle 200 watts doesn't mean you need 200w to drive them to acceptable levels.

My current speakers handle up to 250 watts and I'm driving them with a 50 watt per channel Harman Kardon or 75 watt Denon. Plenty of power for my needs.
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