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Hi all,

I'm planning to finally build a frame for the projector screen material I have. It's listed as 126" x 73" and140" diagonal.

When I lived at a different place, I hung it using poles, bungee cords, and tarp clips, but since I'd like to get it as high to the ceiling as possible in my current room, I'm thinking about building a wooden frame for it. The downside to using a wooden frame is that I can lose a bit of the viewing area, but I think this method will be preferable to me, since I should save money too. I'd have to buy chrome plated poles and clamps if I went the other route, since I'd want the poles to surround the screen. I'm also not positive there would be no waves, although there are reasons why those may be minimized if I were to do it this time.

Anyway, can I get some suggestions on the best DIY screen frame tutorials that are out there? Thanks!