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I was wondering if there is a solution for live update of content on multiple TVs as per below.

For example, we have 6 TV's and we want to give 'Sally' for the sake of argument, the ability to update content on any individual tv with specific content. For example, if Sally wants to play a newer version of advertisement.wmv on TV 3 that already has advertisement.wmv playing and she replaces the existing file that tv is playing with this new file, the transition is seemless or with a little delay.

At the same time for example if TV 1 is playing demo.pptx and is replaced with a newer version of demo.pptx it is replaced instantly.

Please advise if such a solution is possible? And if so, would this take a toll on the network since the file would be shared? What kind of hardware/software is required?

Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated!