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Hello I have been running plex for a year and love it ! I have a PC running windows 7 and plex it has a q6600 with 8g of ram a GA-EP45-UD3P motherboard in an antec twelve hundred case with 24TB of storage (12 2TB drives ) connected by 10/100/1000 ethernet to 4 TV.I have a Samsung un55d8000 which i think can trancode,a kdl52-xbr9 ,a wd live box hooked to a TV and another 720p Samsung plasma.My problems are i have about 30 2tb drive full of movies tv shows and other stuff. My original plan was 2 have 2 twelve hundred cases with 12 2tb drives in each server or a server and a nas.Now i have started upgrading my 2tb to 4tb drives and should be able to fit it all in one case.Second my server cant handel more than 3 tv at once.So i was going to build a new server .

I have 4 pc in my house now

1.q6600 with 8g , GA-EP45-UD3P - my plex server

2.q6600 with 8g , GA-EP45-UD3P - hooked up to tv to play movies

3.I5-2500k with 16g,ASRock Fatal1ty Z68 Pro - main pc

4.i7-3770k with 16g ,ASRock Fatal1ty Z77 Pro - hooked up to tv to play movies

Should i use one to build a new server or buy a dual CPU server board .I was going to use the 2500k and z68 board to build a new server but i am not sure is a server board overkill?I don't know a lot about servers so im not sure. I was looking at 0r both with Intel xeon quad e5540.

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