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Where do i start?

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Hey guys,

Can anyone provide a link where i can find info how to start building my own home theater? (materials needed, how to's, etc)

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Pick any of the popular threads in the Dedicated Theater forum and take a read - and then there's the AVS eBook:


Do some basic reading in the forum, especially browse the "Show Me your Completed Theater" thread to get some ideas of what you like and what type of theater you're looking for (dedicated / mixed-use / etc. ).


This consolidated list of "show me" threads is also a great resource!


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Definitely good advice - decide on the type of space that you're trying to create and then you can get more focused help on the specific elements of the design, construction, equipment, installation, etc.

As an aside - some of the more popular "completed theater" threads have enormous post counts and/or appear to be hugely complicated, but don't get psyched out by it! Scan through to find images of the finished room and decide on what you like. Even the most complex theaters can be broken down into bite-sized pieces (although the "cost per mouthful" varies hugely!).

One of the great things about this hobby is that you can define your own level of involvement - some folks just enjoy the experience of watching a movie, so are willing to write a check for someone else to do all the work (or settle for a more "out of the box" approach), and others like to noodle over the selection of each individual component, with the journey being just as rewarding and enjoyable as the actual arrival, sometimes more so.

Come on in, the water's great!
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thanks a lot for the prompt reply sirs!
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Thanks for the links (an asking the question Marlon). Exactly why I just joined up here!

I bought a Synology NAS last month and then got a projector as a gift. And now I've got the bug to build a little something. Nothing too huge as we're in a Tokyo apartment. But now i really want all my media accessible on my TV without my PC turned on. smile.gif
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