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I'm new to this forum and new to owning a Yamaha.

I purchased the RX-A2020 as a floor model just a few weeks ago.
Hooked it up and did the automatic speaker balancing act - I'm only running center and fronts for the time being.
90% use is for TV viewing with over the air movies and the rest DVD.

KEF Q90 fronts (8ohm) with KEF model 100 center (6 ohm)

The issue is two fold.

1. when swithcing from channel to channel sometimes there is no center channel (ie stereo) and other times it's center channel for voice and the fronts fill in.
I've tried different movie setting, straight, but issue still exists.

2. when it does play thru the center the sound is muffled, and I have to turn the volume up.

Could it be the difference in the ohms of the speakers? or that in the present setup the center speaker is in a tight cabinet with the front open (it is a ported speaker) ?
The same speakers were used with my old setup - adcom preamp and acurus 200x3, which did not have the same issues, but then again I separately adjusted the volumes to the speakers.

any ideas or help.