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best satellite speakers

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Hey Guys,

I have been gone for a while, because I bought the Klipsch Quintet SL about 4 years ago. I'm looking to upgrade my speakers to smaller cubes with amazing sound and wanted to get some feedback on a few things.

First attempting to sell my Klips currently. What do you think is a good price for just the speakers and then a sold price for speakers with the sub, which is a 10 inch synergy.

I'm looking for not only good sounding speakers, but well-made and nice looking. My look is the high tech, condo type place with pictures of city skylines around the apartment I have. I've been looking at the Cambridge Minx as I like the style and the sound, but wanted to know if I should listen to some others first. I'm looking for something not breaking the bank, but willing to spend a little.

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If you want small and good looking, I would highly consider orb audio speakers. I believe they will outperform the minx system. If you want to go a little bigger, there are obviously better choices, but it seems like you would just end up back where you started with that route. Anyway, I owned orb audio and they are clear and play very loud without distortion, however, like all small speakers, you would need a sub that crosses over higher.
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i might help...just go to the uk forum...as there are 2 topics opened for what are the best satellites around: Monitor audio MASS & KEF e305...there are plenty of reviews too...but you don't seem to know that ?!

there is also the minx 21+sub that is very nice...all below the 900 euros...and can be had with no sub also...
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The Minx line is incredible sounding, what they do above 120hz is rather astonishing for their size. I haven't heard the Orbs but Perpendicular had some and had this to say:

Originally Posted by Perpendicular View Post

I agree with this assessment. The law of physics are just that, but the BMR driver in the Min 10/20 are special. In the last decade, I've gravitated towards smaller satellite designs because many brands have gotten better. The Orbs were a great speaker and I still hold them in high regard but being almost a decade later with no changes to the little Orbs, I wanted to try something different. I would think they would have improved on that 3" driver somewhat. There has always been that ceiling where they could not hit on the higher end of the spectrum. This was a bit bothersome for me. With that in mind, the law of physics came into play, and I wanted more sizzle, dynamics, better midbass, etc. So, I ended up with bigger speakers that were great with movies and so-so with music. Choosing the Minx was a great move for me because I found a lot of the qualities that I admired about the Orb's and Anthony Gallos satellite speakers plus the highs are back and there are dynamics (I kid you not!) that I've never heard in a small driver, let alone, a 2 1/4" one. The BMR driver is REALLY different. I feel, the statement, from one of the sellers of the Min 10 (Audio Advisor), states it perfectly:

"You've probably never heard such accuracy, detail and realism from a speaker as small as the Cambridge Audio Min 10 satellite. It's just over a mere three-inches square. But despite its miniscule dimensions, the Min 10 satellite offers wide dispersion and beautiful sound."

They have similar qualities but are different from one another. Since, it's been over a year since I've had the Orb's, I'm going by memory. As I already stated above, what hit me right away was the difference in the treble region and dynamics, when comparing the two designs. Also, I noticed how clear the sound is to any loudspeaker design I've own. I don't have to strain to hear dialog in a movie without having to turn the center channel up, the lyrics to a song and how each instrument is separated from one another. This speaker has depth. Everything is placed on stage in its proper dimension. Scale can sometimes be a tad small. It's NOT an "In Room" soundstage presence. You feel like you are sitting a few rows back from the stage, NOT on top of it. Also, with the Orb's, I felt like I needed rear speakers. Not with the Minx.

That's not to say you wouldn't prefer the Orb's you should listen to them if you have the chance, just that I want to make sure you aren't swayed away from the Minx unduly. His post was in reference to the Min 10s, the Min 11/21's are a significantly improved design on top of that. I have the 21's and 11's and I'm extremely happy with them for what I expect out of them.

Otherwise I'd add Anthony Gallo, KEF, Monitor Audio or perhaps something like the NHT SuperZero's if you want just a little bit bigger speaker that sits somewhere between sat and bookself. And as pmanyon said, with any of these, you'll need to have a sub that reaches up there. I really do like the style of the Gallos and Orbs though smile.gif
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I have had quite a few small sub/sat systems - Orbs, Gallos. KEF etc & currently have a Min21/Min20 set-up and can tell you they are one the the best small speaker set up I have heard. They do need quite some time to break as per my experience but they they do really begin to shine.

Only caveat is that like most small sub/sat speakers, they do need a fairly high crossover setting at around 150Hz at least so ensure that your sub can go high enough. I tried the 'stated' 120Hz by CA & it just did not sound right - I am sure others will disagree but I can only inform you of my experience which seems to concur with most reviews & user experiences but not all.

I am currently trying them out with a CA Minx X500, Velodyne SPL-800 Ultra & XTZ 99W10.16 Subwoofers. If you are in the US/Canada then you can consider ID Subwoofer brands like SVS etc which might give better bang for the buck but I can tell you the X500 is quite a brute & matches the Min's perfectly. I still have quite a lot of tweaking to do & spent some time listening to a variety of music yesterday & they faired very well indeed considering their size. I do not have a super fancy AV receiver - just a mid range Onkyo TX-NR818 but it seems to work quite well with the Minx.

Hope that helps,

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