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i don't know much about this stuff. all i know is i spent lotta money few months back to get a capable beefy rig built but think something may be wrong w/ memory. here's some pics of CPUZ and Maxmem results. oh and this is the memory.

pics of CPUZ and Maxmem...

now i'm not sure that there even is anything wrong. system doesn't crash and all runs well. what got me looking was the game Skyrim seemed to be crashing due to memory issues that i wouldn't think i'd have w/ 16gb of decent DDR3-1600 ram. so i started checking. some things that worried me...
the numbers from CPUZ seem weird. only 1 XMP profile. it's labeled single channel when it is actually dual. low frequencies. shown as 800mhz when it should be 1600 (or is that each stick? i have 2 sticks of 8gb each).
and the Maxmem seems off too. the *** at top, like it can't even determine what type ram i have. the "Reached memory score; 12.70gb" that seems low. other results i've seen of this test show double that (22-24gb) and lower latency too. also when i try to do i quick comparison of my Maxmem results i get an error that just states "DUAL"
any advice here much appreciated!