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Screen size help

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My screen wall is 12 ft wide and 9ft tall.

I assume the screen I purchase will have a 2" velvet frame and I would like the bottom of the viewable portion of th screen to be 45" from the floor.

So I would have 144" in width and 63" in height to work with. Should I expect any problems with a screen that fills the width of a wall like this?

I noticed that a 150" 2.35 screen is 138" wide and 59" tall

So with frame it's 142" wide and 63" tall. So the screen with frame would take up almost the entire width of the wall and the height of the wall from 45" to top of wall.

I have a JVC projector model # RS-4810 which will be mounted aprox 14-15ft from projector wall.

Row one searing distance 10-11 ft

Row two seating distance 13-15 ft

My plan is to have the installer project the image on the wall while I take a few days to see how I feel about different aspect ratios, sizes etc.

I want the biggest screen I can get that won't make me sacrifice picture quality.

Would a 133" 2.35 have a better picture then a 150" 2:35
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From 14-15 ft I don't think you could get a 130"+ 235 picture.

I have a very similar set up to you 22x12 room I'm using a 125"dia 237:1 screen and a rs4810 at 14 ft and the pic is incredible. Also my seating is in line with yours and I would not want a larger screen, don't think it would be comfortable.

Here is a link to my theater thread

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Your setup is awesome! What is the height and width of the viewable portion of your screen? Do you have 2" velvet border on that thing as well?
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Can you easily change the size and aspect ratio on the RS4810 using the remote or is it a pia?
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Thanks the image is 115"x49" yes it has a 2" or so velvet boarder You can change the aspect ratio very easily by the remote once you program The lens memory.
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