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I'm designing a home entertainment system for a house I'm building and am welcoming any opinions you guys give me. The floor plan is very open from the living room to the kitchen. I want to have a 5.1 in the living room with def tech SM55 bookshelves left and right CS8040 center and DI 5.5 r in ceiling as the surround and a super cube 4000 sub. In the kitchen I want to place two def tech UIW 83/ a in ceiling speakers. I'm having trouble deciding which A/V receiver to choose. My budget is $700-$1000. I think I've narrowed it down to yamaha ex-a830. Pioneer elite vsx 70 or Denon avr 3313ci (currently on sale). My wish is to have the receiver run a 5.1 in the living room for TV and movies but also have it power the kitchen speakers and the 5.1 speakers for music. I know the yamaha has party mode which accomplishes this but I not sure if the pioneer and denon have that ability.

I'm also putting 2 def tech UIW 83/ a in my master bedroom ceiling and 2 UIW63/a in the ceiling of my master bath with all 4 speakers being powered by Sonos.

Finally on my back patio I want to place 2 aw 6500 def techs also powered by another sonos amp.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to post a pic of my floor plan.