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Color Decoders

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I am considering going back to a CRT but this time a FP. Its been a while but i remember how bad some of the rp crts color decoders where. Which of the FP have accurate color decoders? This was a huge turn off. Not to say that digital doe not suffer but with the new video processors out there you can get some accurate colors
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IN data grade sets, there is no color decoding within the projector. All that's done via the source, and color and tint adjustments are all bypassed when you feed an RGB signal. If it's color accuracy you want. get a CRT with red and green colored C elements, such as a 9" LC set. then get a Lumagen Radiance which has amazing processing circuitry in it, an Oppo BluRay player, and you're at the top of the heap when it comes to a stunning image.

I've got over 100 sets in stock if you're interested, shoot me an email via the site below.

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