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Using PC to play DVD onto Epson 3020

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Hi, would like to see if anyone has experience setting up PC as DVD or Blue Ray HDMI source for projector. I did it recently but got very disappointed picture and sound qualities. Actually so bad that I doubt it is has anything to do with the projector itself. I think it is probably the PC graphic card and sound card. But the PC vendor kept telling me they are good enough, even I told him that I am willing so spend extra bucks if they are needed.

I have the EPSON 3020 Projector,
PC Graphic Card: Intel(R) HD Graphic 4600
PC Sound Card: Realtek High Diniti udio

Appreciate if you can share advices.

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If PC has DVI out, you can use DVI to HDMI cable. If you use the regular VGA cable, quality would be bad.
For audio, sound card quality does not matter *IF* you use SPDIF out (i.e. digital out using coax or optical out).

if the above two conditions are met, quality should be good. no reason for it to not be....
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Thanks for the reply. I am using HDMI to HDMI so I guess it satisfies the video/audio requirements you mentioned already but still ... That's the puzzled part.
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Well the most obvious thing to check first is your resolution. Are you sure your PC is set to 1920x1080?

Once you've verified that, right click an empty spot on the desktop and open AMD Catalyst Control Center. Then click on Preferences and enable Advanced View. On the left you should see your projector. I forgot the exact terminology, but it should be called something like "HDMI display" or "HDMI TV". Click on that and within one of the menus that dropped down (I think it's called "Properties") there should be a color mode setting. You want to change that from "4:2:2" to 4:4:4 (Full RGB). That should fix your picture quality issues. Also while you're in CCC, go into the Display Color settings and reset everything to the middle. Color Temperature should be at 6500K. Try toggling the EDID checkbox to see if that improves anything as well.

If that doesn't work, look inside the projector's menu for a setting that changes the HDMI color range. You want that set to RGB as well.

Lastly, try connecting via VGA instead of HDMI. Some projectors don't know how to handle a PC input via HDMI. Don't worry about what badshah said. So long as you're using a decent cable and the VGA clock and phase are set correctly (you can check that here), the image quality will be fine.

As for audio, what connection are you using? Are you playing the audio through HDMI, or are you hooking up your headphones/speakers directly to the green-colored jack on the back? If it's HDMI, then you probably have a bad cable. Also, make sure you're using a High Speed cable. AFAIK, there isn't a way to tell simply by looking at it.
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