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They believe this really happened, but there is no hard proof. The bodies were never found so they don't even know if they were actually murdered but they assume since they were never seen again. Historians say that Elizabeth may of sent one away as indicated in the show. An excerpt from history states:

"From 1490 until his capture and execution in 1497 Perkin Warbeck claimed to be Richard, Duke of York, who in this version had supposedly escaped to Flanders. Warbeck's claim was supported by some contemporaries (including the aunt of the princes, Margaret of York), and was later supported by some writers, most notably Horace Walpole.......Perkin Warbeck later claimed to be Richard, appearing in Ireland and calling himself king Richard IV. Margaret of York, Duchess of Burgundy, formally recognised Warbeck as Richard. Margaret, Richard III's sister, an unrelenting opponent of Henry VII, had previously recognised Simnel as Warwick Warbeck was also accepted as Richard by James IV of Scotland. After a failed attempt to invade England he was captured."

Thanks, I had seen some references to people claiming to be one of the Princes but didn't think it was any more than just impostors. I suppose it's possible this person was really Richard.