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Edius 7 Is Here

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Edius 7 has been released. Not many details, especially regarding new 3D features. Have you heard anything about this release, Wolfgang?
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Sure I have heard something about it - and I have also received a press version from the German distributor, but have not found the time to test it yet.

What are the major news:

- the major news is that Edius has become now a 64bit application. That is great for the future, since Edius 6.5x was still a 32 bit app
- the second, maybe more import news is that Edius starts now to support 3rd party hardware really! That is really great, since the Blackmagic hardware, beginning with the cheap Intensity Pro and running up to the Decklink 4K are supported both as input BUT also as OUTPUT unit. Given the fact that the Blackmagic hardware offers up to 4K (Decklink 4K) but also 3D gives us another great - and cheaper - hardware for editing compared with the Grass Valley hardware. And as far as I know, there is no 4K output hardware from GV here now.

Beside that, there are some minor changes - but not really much.

There has been the discussion if Edius 7 will bring now a higher performance, compared with Edius 6.5. Maybe, maybe not. Experience of different people seems to differe here. From the point that a 64bit application has the potential to come up with a higher performance it can be interesting.

Plug-ins must be renewed again, as far as I understood that.

All together Edius 7 is an interesting step in the future. Here one can beginn to think about the future 4K editing - we will see the emergence of "cheap" 4K displays at the end of the year maybe.

I think there will not be a lot of new 3D features - beside the point that 4K could bring also another push of 3D maybe. But the 3D capabilities of 6.5x are great yet too - the major drawback is the missing MVC-encoder, but here I assume that we will not see something new in Edius 7. But I have not tested the version yet - but it sounds very interesting for me since it is the next step in the evolution of HD to 4K. And the better hardwaresupport is something that is great today - I have an older Intensity Pro here, and to use that for the preview can be intersting too (in my case even today for 1080 50i/720 50p),
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Thanks. I'll be upgrading - anxious to see if the 64 bit architecture improves performance on my system. I'll look forward to your review.
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Wolfgang, are you saying that if it's supported in Edius 7 that the BlackMagic Design DeckLink 4K Extreme would allow for real-time 3D preview (with effects) via HDMI from the Edius timeline? No rendering? That would be sweet. I've never owned a BlackMagic product, though I've been intrigued by the Teranex 2D to 3D converter.
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Edius had strong preview capabilities always. That was true for 6.5x and earlier, and seems to be true for 7 too.

I think the Decklink will allow a real-time preview, similar as nvidia 3D vision allows a real-time preview with a nvidia GPU. Maybe Edius utilizes also the GPU for the preview, but I think the Decklink will not be a preview booster. So, what you would see in preview capabilities will come from your CPU and GPU. But I think that will be fine.

The interesting aspect is that you can use the HQX-codec for 4K, and that codec has good preview capabilities too, but holds also the quality for rendering in a great way.
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Gotcha. Thanks. I know BlackMagic Design is known for their very affordable video solutions. They bought Teranex a few months ago, which dramatically reduced the price of the 2D to 3D converter - not to mention the high quality international standards converter that is its main claim to fame.
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Well, I finally got around to upgrading to Edius 7, and I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner. I'm seeing significant speed improvements. On my everyday computer (Intel Core i7 2600, 4 cores) I get very, very clean playback. It's comparable to what I had with Edius 6.5 on my main edit computer (Intel Core i7 3930, 6 cores). I can add color correction, crop zoom and stereoscopic adjustments to both clips, yet have almost no slow-down as the system plays back through the effect. This is with a $200 nVidia 560 video card and all the source files on two RAID0 HDD's. eek.gif I'll be doing some serious editing this coming week with my 3D computer - dual Samsung SSD's in RAID0 and an nVidia 660 video card. Can't wait to see how that performs. biggrin.gif
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BTW, I also bought a "logickeyboard" specific to Edius and a Contour ShuttlePro v2 USB controller. The keyboard is color and symbol coded for Edius commands, and the ShuttlePro has 15 fully programmable hard keys for the most commonly used edit commands. I've added both to the list of things I wish I'd done sooner. biggrin.gif
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I ran a few simple tests with my main edit computer, and it flies with Edius 7. biggrin.gif

Together with the new keyboard and USB edit controller, I'll be able to move a lot faster through projects. This reminds me of the point long ago when editing HD finally felt as fluid and easy as editing SD.
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