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Please help, my new JTR Captivator S1 has no sound.

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After long time waiting its finally here, my new JTR Captivator S1 2400W.

I was very happy when I start unpacking and installing my new sub, but I was surprised when it not comes any sound from it.

I use a Marantz AV-7701 pre amp and a Parasound Halo A51 to drive my Klipsch RF-7 speakers.
I did connect a balanced cable from my AV-7701 pre amp sub output SW1 to my Subs balanced input.. The power led on the sub is green so its power to the sub. It was no manual or instruction coming with the sub, so I have some questions about some push buttons on the back. It’s one push button marked with Mute, how is this mute working and should it be in or out ? It’s also a push button marked with PGM SEL what is this, and should it be push in or out normally ? I can also see a small round socket on the back what is this?

How can I test if the sub get signal from the pre amp?
Can I plug the cable from SW1 sub output on my preamp into my power amp to see if I get sound from the main speakers?

To see if the sub working, is it possible to connect the cable for main speakers from the pre amp into the sub?
I have tried many different cables, but still the same.

Does this sub need a trigger signal to be on or something?

I hope is just a user error and not a problem with the sub.

I’m not sure If I should be happy or cry, please help.
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Have you gone it to setup...speakers....and turned sub to 'on' ?
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Yes I have been into setup and put sub to on.
When I test the speakers with the test tone from the pre amp, all the speakers have sound exept for the sub.
Somthing I can see is the green signal LED on the back of the sub has no light, so it looks like it dont get a signal. I have tried with many different cables but all is the same. When I power on the sub do the red protection LED blink 8-9 times, and then it goes away. This is probably normal, so you dont get the big bang sound when turn on?
The green power LED is always on.
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What is the gain on the amp set at? Remember, on these Speaker Power amps full gain is 00. If the amp has the green light, I can almost guarantee you that you will have sound if they are setup right. My dual S1's almost knock me out of my chair! wink.gif

Check the subwoofer level in your AVR. For time being, put the subwoofer level at "0" and place the S1 amp at "0" also. If you have no sound coming from the sub, than you have problems somewhere else.
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I did just do some test.
I connect the signal cable I use for the sub between my pre amp and the power amp, and I got sound in the front speaker so cable is ok.
I put my pre amp into test model for the sub and connect the signal cable into my power amp, but no sound coming from the front speaker? I did also put my pre amp into test model for the front speaker and connect the signal cable into my sub, but no sound coming from the sub? Im little bit confused, if this can indicate pre amp problems or sub problem? Shouldnt I get sound from the speakers on both this tests. Its strange if I have two problems at the same time.
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Sounds like you either have a cable issue or a pre-amp issue. Did you have a sub connected in the past? Your issue actually seems a bit confusing, since it looks like you narrowed it down to a cable issue by moving it around? I'd start off the bat by replacing the cable and see if the problem still persists.
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Finaly it works.
The issue was the pre amp.
I reset the pre amp processor and put it back to default settings and start to play with different settings.
It looks like if I cross off for no center speaker, or I cross off for large front speakers in the speaker set up, the sub is not working.
When I set up the pre amp, I only say I will use front speakers and Sub, and I say I was using large front speakers.
Thanks for all the tips. Now I will spend the sunday to listen to my new stereo.
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Congrats! smile.gif I'm sure once it's all setup, we won't be hearing from you in a while. wink.gif
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Glad to read that you got it working, had to be very stressful!
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