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Projector advice for newbie - sub $1200 projector with best black and contrast

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Finishing design and research phase, and now need to focus on equipment needs.

i want a projector that will be in a basement, dedicated theatre with controlled light. So, lumens and brightness not as important as it having good, inky blacks, good contrast and good image quality. I realize 1200 and under isn't high end, but that's what i got to work with at moment. can i get some recc's for a projector that meets these image requirements, where i am willing to lose features for quality of essentials?


West Hartford, CT
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Do you want 3d?
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do you see DLP rainbows?
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Do you see dead people?


If you can handle DLP, the W1070 or HD25 varient would work, otherwise, LCD would require a bump in your budget with the Epson 3020, or no bump with the 8350 (beware...there have been some reliability issues).
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Thanks everyone.

I am not sure if i see rainbows - i know what is meant by the question, but am not sure yet if I am one of those people. Is there a quick way to do this? I have a DLP projector here at home (older Epson) that is DLP technology, but it is a 720 resolution and i have never run any true HD signal through it - onoly DVD's Can someone point me to a post where I can learnhow to see if I am a Ranbow-Seer?

I do not NEED 3D, so can live without that for now.

I will look at the recc'd models from projectorguy1, but an other ideas come to mind? ie with blacks and image quality number one priority (setting 3d and other 'features aside), what's best bang for under 1200

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For your budget, Benq w1070 seems to be a good (best?) option. This projector is receiving hugely positive reviews and comments and that must mean something. The owner's thread on this forum has almost 6000 posts at the time of this writing and that makes it not only one of the largest threads here but also even more active than Epson 8350 (these many posts in about a third of the time!). Don't worry about rainbow effect. You have a DLP and don't see it. Besides, it was a concern with really old early days technology. Now, the technology has improved several folds. The Benq w1070 has a very fast wheel so I would bet for it to be a non-issue (*most* people didn't see it even when DLP had slower wheels).

However, be aware of Benq w1070's noisy fan and light bleed issues from the front as reported by many. SmartEco mode is said to cut on the fan noise quite a bit. Best thing is to bring it home, and if you get bothered by either of these two, take it back :-)
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I would not recommend a BenQ W1070. I just RMA'ed mine and am going to get the new Optoma HD131Xe with a motorized screen for the same total price as the W1070 (getting the HD131Xe sight unseen, so I can't personally recommend it yet). Had issues with the W1070's connectivity and the shadow detail on it was just horrible. The connectivity issues alone on the W1070 was a deal breaker. But I just couldn't see how I could live with such a flat muddied image.

As for rainbows, the cheaper and lower resolution the projector has, the better it is for you to know if you see rainbows or not. You may just be immune, but take yourself and your whoever will watch movies with you to Magnolia or Best Buy and sit down in one of their showcase rooms and dart your eyes rapidly across the screen. Look for scenes with high contrast and that are colorful (bring your own blu ray if you must). If you don't see rainbows, then ignorance is bliss. Just make sure your woman or kids don't see them either because it is not something that can be adjusted to.
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