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Can you guys check out my setup sketch to see if I have any glaring holes?

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I'm going to use the BenQ 1070. I'm going for a 120" screen. I will be using a DIY screen from Carl's Place. I will have 3 can lights above the screen on their own dimmer along with some sort of LED lighting within each cabinet. I'm just looking for any of your guys' advice with this since it's my first time messing with a projector. I have the throw calc and all of that figured out along with where the screen will be mounted. I also will have my center speaker in between my receiver and what else is down there on the center rack.

The basement walls will be a darker blue, any suggestions on what color the cabinets should be painted? I'll have some crown molding on the top also, not sure on what I want so I didn't draw it in.

Any creative suggestions for design would be awesome also.

let me know what you guys think.
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Looks good. I hope it turns out exactly you have envisioned. Good luck!

A quick comment: designing speaker/subwoofer enclosure cabinets exactly to match the size of what you have at the moment could be a nightmare later on if you need to up/down grade. If I were you, I would opt for a more "open" design which can accommodate what you have at the moment without locking you into that sized equipment forever to come.

Let me know how it turned out. May a pic of when its all said and done :-)
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I will say be aware that throwing any speakers inside another cabinet compromises them from the get go. (Cup your hands around your mouth when you talk, that's the type of effect it has.) Having said that, this adversely affects some speakers more than others. Speakers that are ported to the rear are a particularly bad choice for this type of setup. Acoustic suspension or at the very least front ported speakers would work better, in addition to some that have have baffle step correction built-in for the type of situation you're presenting would probably perform best of all.

EDIT ADD-ON The area immediately around the projector should be as glare-free as possible. Since you have the screen recessed inside, light spill will be more noticeable on the edges around the immediate projected image. You might even see what black fabric (certain types of velvet are the good standard) mocked up around it might look like. (maybe only on the area immediately around the screen frame. It'd look goofy on the other three surfaces...)

Good luck!
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Thanks for the advice! My sides/center are front ported. My 2 subs are not. I really, really like the look and don't really want to set the subs outside of the cabinet or build a baffle. Do you think if I cut out say a 6x15" square in the side of the sub cabinet to let the air out will help? As of now the backs are going to be open and the cabinet will be about 1" away from the wall.

I also had planned on using the 3" black felt tape around the screen also.
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I would stay away from felt as it will reflect too much light. Invest in black velvet cloth and cover the inside walls of the cabinets with it as well. This will cause the screen to float in the black recess of the cabinet and the velvet will completely disappear.
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Do you have a link to any of the material you are talking about? I was also going to paint the darkest black I can find, flat black also, on the wall behind the screen and the top of the bottom cabinet and sides of the side cabinet.
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Joann's Fabrics, Wal-Mart with a fabric dept. or and discount fabric center in your area. Flat black paint will reflect an amazing amount of light compared to Velvet.
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