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$100 for low volume bookshelf speakers

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I picked up some cheap Panasonic speakers (sb-av210) off of Craigslist. They do alright but I would like something better. It's for a computer setup on a desk. I mainly listen to classicalish & pop music at lower volumes to not disturb the rest of the house. Because of the desk / monitor the speakers can't be more than about 8" wide. I have a polk subwoofer and an older Panasonic receiver.

I'm finding these right now:

Sony b1000 $70 - walmart
Polk t15 $100 Bestbuy
Jbl 2500 $75 Craigslist
Wharfedale opal 30 $70 Craigslist

I can go buy the Sony and polk and take back whatever I don't like, but can get something better off of Craigslist? I'm looking in the Colorado Boulder and Colorado fort Collins areas.

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I would think the Wharfedale Opal 30 would be very good for your setup. 6.5" woofer and 1" tweeter. $70 seems like a fair price.
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The Wharfedale's or JBL's would be a good buy, assuming everything is in good condition. You could probably offer $50 to both guys and see who's willing to give you the deal.
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Well I picked up the Wharfedale Speakers for $50. A huge step up from the Panasonic. I bought the Pioneer BS21 from Walmart to compare them to. I am really surprised how well both the speakers sound. The Wharfedale has better mids but it sometimes gets some box resonation at some lower frequencies. The pioneers have better lows and highs and are really clear. They are not a huge difference between the two so I'm keeping the Wharfedale ones. I also went out to best buy and was really impressed with the pioneer floor standing fs52. I wouldn't have any remorse going the pioneer route when the time comes to put together a 5.1.

Thanks for the tips.
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Hooray! Another vote of confidence for the little Pioneers that could! smile.gif
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