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ProWhite Projector Screen

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Anyone have any experience with this screen material? I picked up a roll of the 71x126, but haven't had the time or the free/clean area to lay it out and see what it's like.

My setup requires that it be a roll-up screen, and I've been trying to get some ideas on how to have the screen roll down while still having enough tension to avoid waves. My idea right now is that I would use a PVC tube, drill holes half way thru, feed a needle and thread/fishing line with a washer/bolt on the end thru the holes, and then sew it to this screen.

I'd build a 'box' (just sides) around the PVC tube, with dowels on the ends that slide in the PVC tube. I'd roll the screen up/down in a fashion similar to a stage curtain. I'd then attach this 'box' to my ceiling.

As far as the tension to avoid waves, I'm not sure what I'd do.

My ideal setup (ceiling mounted projector (BenQ W1080ST)):

Oh, ceilings are 7'-6", and the screen would roll down in front of the wall mounted TV.
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The screen material will have to be attached to your PVC absolutely square at Top & Bottom, with the Bottom piece absolutely centered. It will help to have at least 6" of the PVC Bar running past each end, and using "End Caps", you should fill the PVC with clean Sandbox Sand packed with a Ramming Rod.

(...the 6" extra length will allow you to later consider some degree of Tab Tensioning if needed...)

I would consider using a "Tape + Adhesive" attachment, instead of a "Sewn" method.

The Pro White isn't a stretchy material, so it will handle the needed "balanced" weight that will "help" prevent excessive waves. But also note that you will have no Border to act as a edge stiffening assist unless you determine to use Carl's Adhesive Black Screen Flock Tape. And should you do so, it must be applied with the screen material laid out flat and securely (...but lightly...) stretched out taunt.

I don't know if you allowed for any such Border in your measurement...but that also brings to mind the need to roll out the material and meticulously measure it from both Corners to opposite diagonal Corner to determine that the piece you received is absolutely square. You must consider that such "pieces" were not milled to the same exacting standards, or trimmed to such, with the ide that they were to be used to make a Roll Up screen. Everything needed to achieve such an application fall upon your own foresight and abilities.

Good Luck!
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I didn't really think of having a border, although I know not having one may seem weird.

I'll keep the PVC/Sand and adhesive/tape rather than sewn in mind too.

Will be sure to post photos once all is completed also.
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After taking a trip to Lowes, I'm reconsidering using PVC since the longest length I was able to find is 10'-0". I might have to go with copper pipe or something along those lines.
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I took a different but slightly similar route than what I previously thought.

I purchased the components to make up a roller blind, just not the actual blind. The room is approx. 11' wide, and I have two 5.5 sections of 1.5" dia aluminum tubing. I'm going to get a 2, possibly 3 foot wooden dowel and put an equal amount in each section of the tubing to prevent it from sagging in the center. With the clutches/brackets I got, it can hold up to 16 pounds. Doesn't seem like much, but the screen weighs hardly anything.

I figure I'd attach the screen using black adhesive tape, and I'd also run it along the sides and bottom.
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