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Pandora App freezes after 1 song on 2 different Sharp LCD sets (830u series), any other Aquos...

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Seems that Pandora changed something on their end that is causing problems. 1 song plays in full then the app freezes.....I tried resetting both TVs and creating a new Pandora account. Tried using my phone's hotspot to eliminate our home network as a culprit.

1 TV is a LC-40LE830U the other a LC-60LE830U.
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Same issue here. Any luck on a solution?
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No luck or solution yet. But glad to see its not just on our sets,... I emailed Pandora, and Sharp......awaiting a response from both.

What model do you have?
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Just happened to me last night on my Sharp 60" too. Please post fix because this is maddening...
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Just called Sharp Aquos Support....they claim that effective immediately that Vudu no longer has a contract with Pandora and that its just tough....call and complain that this was an advertised feature (and one I use the most) with their TVs and they should step up and rectify it and not pass the buck....1 877 332 7867

any class action firm investigating contact me about being a putative rep...
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Same problem here. Pandora freezes after one song. I've purchased 2 Sharp 60" TV's and the Pandora app was a BIG selling point for me.......I'm pissed! If the problem is between Vudu and Pandora, maybe Sharp should just step up to the plate and license Pandora directly and update out sets.
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I just called the Aquos support line and had a long conversion. She said the problem began August 1 and that a memo came down to them in Aquos support concerning the situation. She said Sharp was monitoring the situation between Vudu and Pandora closely. I let her know I was very displeased and that the Pandora app was a big selling point for me. She documented our conversation and said it would be passed higher up. I suggested Sharp put something on their web sites about the problem and keep us updated. I also said that if Vudu and Pandora don't work something out, Sharp should directly license Pandora and do a firmware update. She implied that has been discussed. Call and complain.... 1 877 332 7867
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Thanks for the above info. I also own two Sharp TV's and just bought the 80" model for my home.
I made the call and confirmed all info above is accurate. I indicated I was an attorney and asked for a "reasonable solution".
None appears to be forthcoming at the moment.

As a lawyer, I am the last person looking to litigate a cause and waste my time...however they may push us to it. Absolute BS.
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A couple of other thoughts. The person I spoke with at Aquos Support told me this is a "third party" problem and that all Sharp was doing was monitoring the situation between Vudu and Pandora at the present time. I assume some other brands of smart TV's get Pandora via Vudo also, so if Sharp is out of the picture, you would think those other brands would be experiencing the same problem. Does anyone know if this is the case?

My TV is a 2011 60" 835 and my service provider is ATT Uverse. My son has a 2013 60" Sharp and a different service provider and said, as of last night, his Pandora was still working properly. I wonder if the shut-down is working it's way up from older sets to newer sets or if it's working it's way through service providers.
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Third party or not, the pandora logo is on the box advertised as a feature. It would be one thing if pandora ceased to exist. Sharp needs to work this out.
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Thanks for the number. They will be hearing from me momentarily.
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Not experiencing this issue on the "857" However, last night I did get a message that Pandora server is undergoing maintainance and I could not log in. Is there a way to sort the stations by alphabetical order or is it just by the date the stations added?
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LC80LE857 is the model I have and no Pandora. Sharp said sorry and that was about it.
I hope I am wrong but would not expect you to have Pandora.
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this is happening on my Mitsubishi DLP tv, which has Vudu and pandora, pandora freezes after playing only one song???? this is some bullshiiiiiiiii:mad:
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Follow up....I just talked to my son that has a 2013 60" Sharp. He said his Pandora is still working properly BUT his Pandora app is NOT a sub-category of Vudu. (His Pandora app is in an app folder called Music). That tells me that Sharp has recently got a direct license for Pandora for their current TV's.
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Originally Posted by boards3700 View Post

LC80LE857 is the model I have and no Pandora. Sharp said sorry and that was about it.
I hope I am wrong but would not expect you to have Pandora.

Pandora is under "Music". But I have it on my LC-60LE857U
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Thank you for your help. I was able to access Pandora on my njew 80".
However, no luck on the older model.
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Yes, I am experiencing the same issues which started just a few days ago. I have a 60 inch Sharp Aquos Quattron (don't have the model number on top of my head) and I subscribe to the Pandora service.
I do not see this issue in my Samsung TV, iPhone, and iPad Pandora apps
This maybe a Sharp specific problem, I hope to call Sharp service soonest
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It's not Sharp specific. I have the exact same problem on a Mitsubishi Unisen tv with VUDU. Pandora still works fine on computers and phones in the house. Has to be a problem with VUDU and Pandora. I really hope it gets worked out because I listen to Pandora on this tv more than I watch it.
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It might be a good idea to head over to the VUDU forums and let them know how you feel.

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My Sharp Aquos LC-60LE632U LED is doing the same thing. Just started for me about a month ago. I play Pandora from the Vudu apps menu. I contacted Pandora, Vudu and Sharp. Sharp support blamed it on Vudu. Couldn't reach Vudu support. BTW, my PC and iPhone Pandora apps work fine. So, it's either Vudu or Sharp. Pandora at least admitted that a "small amount" of users are affected, but they gave no resolution other than updating software to the latest version (which it was). I've done the "super helpful" troubleshooting tips I received from Pandora (see below). No joy. Please post if you figure out how to fix this issue.

From Pandora on 8/4/2013:

Sorry to hear about this. We've heard that this occurs for a small amount of listeners, but we've been unable to reproduce it. The issue usually is specific to the network or to the device itself.

First make sure that your device has the latest Firmware by checking for a new update. If an update is available, try loading Pandora again once the update is complete.

If you're still having the same problem, then please try a few standard network troubleshooting steps:

* Try connecting directly via an ethernet cable rather than wirelessly (if you have this option on your device), and see if it works better.
* Try rebooting your modem and router and restarting the device.
* Try removing and re-adding the app (if this is possible on your device).

You can also contact the manufacturer directly to troubleshoot your specific device and settings.

Hope this helps. Thanks for listening!
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I got the same BS lines from Pandora Aug 3rd about my LC60LE632U. I am pretty angry that their support is pretending this problem isn't widespread.
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Just saw this over on the Vudu forum. I tried my Pandora and it's working properly !!!!!!!!! Try yours....

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Default Re: Pandora app through Vudu plays one song
Is anyone still having issues with Pandora as of today? Please let me know.
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Thanks for the heads up! It's working now on my Sharp 632U. Any idea what was done to fix the problem?
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No idea what they did to fix the problem, but I assume Vudu, Pandora, Sharp and other TV brands got so many complaints they worked out their differences and got us back up and running. Ain't the internet great! Now I wish Sharp would give us a firmware update so I could get a YouTube app on my 2011 60" 835U like my son's 2013 Sharp has.
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