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Originally Posted by tvmann View Post

Signal is great with indoor rabbit ears at Sahara and Durango. No problems at all at Eastern and Sunset either.

It's possible that KMCC is at reduced power from their Henderson trans, or you are picking up their usually silent Dolan Springs trans. Still no signal at my home.

Welcome to the group TVMANN.
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That's possible I suppose. I haven't seen any issues with KMCC 34.1 or 34.2 for quite sometime. I doubt I'm seeing anything from the Dolan transmitter with just my dipole.

I'll see if I can find out if they are running at reduced power on the Henderson transmitter.
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KMCC has had a weird broadcast history in Las Vegas. When they disappeared from my tv last week I may have jumped to conclusions that they were once again off-air. I did some checking of my reception equipment and discovered that their signal is different from other area stations. One of my converters displays a signal meter that shows both signal strength and signal quality. This is the devicce, located in a bedroom, that receives the signal after several splits, so should be the worst. Looking at KHMP-18, this meter shows a stength of 35-50 at various times, but the quality displays between 60-80, providing a solid display. The main line network affiliates are no problem. They have strengths of over 50 and 100 % quality, usually. Then it comes to KMCC. Currently my devise is showing a strength of 35-45, and a qualitty of zero percent. ZERO? Not even a flicker of signal to deliver a display. I'm not convinced that some tree or structure is preventing service. That would usually mean the signal would pop in and out throught the day or week.
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Perhaps it's just because of the iffy weather today, but KGNG 47.8's Arirang Korean service is a no-show. It's being replace, at least temporarily, by movies, similar to what airs on KGNG 47.5.

I hear that Arirang will return to normalcy in a few days on 47.8 Las Vegas.
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KEEN 17.1, the LeSea outlet for Las Vegas, has semmingly altered their daytime lineup. For the past several months they have offered a non-religious three hour block of programming midday. That block seems to have grown to cover most of the daylight hours, moving religious programming to the nighttime hours. Programs include Roy Rogers, Sgt Preston, Jeff's Collie, Lone Ranger, Fat Albert, Highway To Heaven, Tail Fins & Chrome, etc. References to World Harvest Television now seem to be history as their ID's now are FETV, or Family Entertainment Television. KEEN is still very much a religious station, which currently includes half hour pitches to send donations to a KEEN address in Henderson.
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KGHD, the analog channel 6 digital holdout, is silent Thursday. The station has a request to move facilities to the hils above Henderson. It's yet unclear if and when the station will go digital. Currently they operate as a so-call Franken(stein) FM. That's, for KGHD, Hispanic music and an unassociated video loop. Many listeners receive the signal at 87.7 on the FM dial, which is roughly the same as the audio carrier for analog tv channel 6 (87.75).
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Originally Posted by rdvegas View Post

It's yet unclear if and when the station will go digital.

Their digital companion channel allocation remained in Overton on channel 38. They have applied to move that to the Black Mtn. Arden site as well.
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Nearly 4 weeks after losing reception of KMCC-34 near Sumerlin Parkway and Cimaron, that station is back for me this morning. During those nearly 4 weeks, there was never any reception of a weak or pixelated signal. It was just gone, like their trans was in the off position. Nothing like a waving tree causing interference. So, I'll wait and see if I once again have 24/7 service from them for MundoFox and The Cool. I've given up that they'll ever launch their intended Weather Nation on 34.3.
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Usually reliable KLSV 50-2 and 50-3 are in the dark this Friday afternoon/evening. Just Me?

50.2 returned to brilliance Saturday late afternoon. The KLSV 50.3 returned also but had substantial pixelation suggesting a bad link between the incoming network signal and their transmitter. Both 50.2 and 50.3 look good this Sunday morning.
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Good to know you are seeing KMCC again. They are still great here at Sahara and Durango. Never lost them like you did. The picture quality looks improved the last few days by the way.
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KLSV 50.1 and 50.2 are simulcasting Jewelry TV, while 50.3 continues with their normal infomercials. The PSIP for 50.1 reads "LATV Feed". This is the first time in several years that Biltmore's KLSV has had three sub-channels operating. LATV is the current network airing on KINC 15.2. Is it possible that KINC is moving LATV to make room for GET TV?

And for me at least, KMCC 34.1 and 34.2 is totally dead Tuesday afternoon. No signal squiggle at all.

KLSV enginnering silenced the 50.1 channel about 7:25 pm Wednesday evening. It's likely it will return for further tweeking and testing over the next few days at various times.
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The Walk, the religious network on KNBX 31.2, has taken a walk this morning and is in hiding. Colorbars continue on KNBX 31.1 and always entertaining HOT continues on both 31.3 and 31.4.
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Does anybody know what the QAM frequency on Cox for Fox Movies KLAS 8.3. I am trying to add the channel to Windows media center and the current list at Silicon Dust does not list it.
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COX isn't carrying 8.3 on their analog cable. I think it is 129 if you have digital. The only way I can watch it is to flip tuners and then switch to the rooftop antenna.
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Cox has been carrying 8.3 in the clear for the last month. After stumbling through all the frequencies, I finally found it at 102.2
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Thanks for the info. Got tired of re-scanning. Guess I should have kept it up. COX mapped it down to where it should be, bundled with 8.1-8.2. Got my remote control back! I like "Movies"
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I enjoy the channel a lot also. I am even more happy now that I can DVR it with my HTPC.
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Great source of (unedited) movies. Just wish the signal was stronger for us OTA viewers.
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Originally Posted by crabboy View Post

Great source of (unedited) movies. Just wish the signal was stronger for us OTA viewers.

KLAS has a strong signal. Perhaps you are meaning less compression.
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Originally Posted by rdvegas View Post

KLAS has a strong signal. Perhaps you are meaning less compression.

Might be where I am. But that shouldn't be the case. I have an unobstructed view of Black Mountain.
When 8.3 first went on the air, the signal was weak. KLAS boosted the signal, but it still dips occasionally.
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That usually indicates the problem is either on your end or in the over-all signal path.

However, you really need to clarify what you're commenting about; signal strength, digital reception errors, or just bit-rate related image quality concerns.
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The first week that KLAS operated their 8.3 with Fox Movies! it was presented with lots of pixelation. They only allocated something like 1.6mbps of bandwidth, which they upped the next week to 2.1 mbps. The pisture isn't bad now, except in very fast motion of fades. As far as I know, KLAS has not changed their power output in the past several months. They are at a constant 30.1 KW on channel 7 rf and digital 8.1-3.

For me, my problematic station seems to be KMCC 34. My signal for them reads 45% and 0% signal quality. Other stations actually come in with less signal (35-45%) but have 100% quality. Of course the antenna input is divided amongst six or seven tuners throughout the condo.
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Originally Posted by ProjectSHO89 View Post

That usually indicates the problem is either on your end or in the over-all signal path.

However, you really need to clarify what you're commenting about; signal strength, digital reception errors, or just bit-rate related image quality concerns.

Pixelization is my main problem. Signal strengh seems like it should be good enough.
It could be my situation. As I mentioned, I'm close to Black Mountain, but...I have no windows facing that way, only the opposite direction.
But, for a while, I got better signal strength/whatever. Don't know why it's gone downhill. At some point I may get a good rooftop antenna. Using a decent quality "rabbit ear" type right now.
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Is Korean Arirang gone from KGNG 47.8? The current psip for the sub-channel reads "LV2NITE". The first program I spotted on this sub-channel is religious. I would hate to think that entertaining Arirang would be deleted from the Las Vegas airwaves for yet another religious channel with limited viewer appeal. LV2NITE seems to be a simulcast of The Walk from KNBX 31.2.
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KMCC popped back up for me last evening on 34.1 and 34.2 after being below my recepttion threshold.. This morning I checked and both were still there prior to 7 am. A few minutes later KMCC shifted over to virtual 32.1 with their Mundo Fox service. The Cool, normally on 34.2, didn't show up on either 34.2 or 32.2. Cranston engineers, what are thee to do?

Also between 7 am and 8:30 am, KLSV 50.2 disappeared, leaving only KLSV 50.3. Jewelry TV on KSLV 50.2 returned to normalcy by 11:30 am.

The psip on KGNG 47.8 continues to read "LV2NITE", with a simulcast of KNBX 31.2 The Walk. At this point, I'm not expecting Arirang to resurface anytime soon in Las Vegas. Hopefully, I'm wrong, as I enjyed that sub-channel.

Analog KGHD channel 6 is still off-air while moving to the hills above Henderson.
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One of the benefits of the digital conversion was the ability to press a button on your remote and read about what program was being aired. Some tv's allow the user to scroll through several hours of listings. It's a handy tool for armchair viewers now that the local TV Guide paper editions are a thing of the past.

You'd think that all stations would want their viewers to be informed of the stations offerings whether presented in HD or SD, or presented on their .1 or .6 sub-channel. That assumption may not be true. I counted nine of our 23 local stations that fail to include within their PSIP program description data. Perhaps equally poor public relations, 10 of our 23 local tvcasters have the wrong time contained within their PSIP.

Stations that need to improve their public relations by including program data within their PSIP's are KEEN-17, KHMP-18, KTUD-25, KVPX-28, KEGS-30, KNBX-31, K41IO-41, KGNG-47, and KLSV-50. And those stations that need to correct their clocks within their PSIP's are KINC-15, KHDF-19, KLVD-23, KELV-27, KVPX-28, KEGS-30, KNBX-31, K41IO-41, KGNG-47, and KLSV-50.

Landmark, formerly MAKO, station KNBX PSIP clock is set 95 years into the future. That could explain why program data is non-existant on their chaannel.

These stations should offer apologies to their viewers for their lack of professionalism by failing to include program data and correct time. Yes I know that program data does use a very small amount of bandwidth. Yes I know that it may cost to have a third party provide program data.

Those stations that have it right, program data and near perfect time, are KSNV-3, KVVU-5, KLAS-8, KLVX-10, KTNV-13, KHDF-19, KVCW-33, KMCC-34, KBLR-39, and K43FO-43. Engineers and others at those stations are to be thanked.
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I'm hearing a rumor that TNN, the Nashville Network, which re-launched late last year as an over-the-air network has rebranded as Heartland. TNN never found it to their benefit to affiliate with a Las Vegas station. Their loss. The rebranding is now being touted on the TNN Facebook page. Apparently this is no longer just a rumor.

By late Tuesday, Cranston engineering had restored KMCC to display as 34.1. Also in the restoration was the return of The Cool music video network on 34.2. For six days KMCC had been displaying to channel 32, and the Cool sub-channel was gone.
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KLSV 50.2 Jewelry is off this morning, leaving informercials on 50.3 as the sole sub-channel on Biltmore.

Thursday evening finds Jewelry TV back up and running on 50.1. The KLSV 50.2 sub-channel, the normal home of JTV, is off-air. Informercials on 50.3 continues their usual spiel. The PSIP on 50.1 reads "LATV Feed", continuing to fuel rumors that the Hispanic diginet, LATV, will find a home soon on 50.1 leaving the current residence on KINC 15.2. My hunch is that KINC will make room for Sony's GET TV movie network on 15.2..
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thanks for info
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KTUD is no more KTUD Shut Down At Midnight . That's OTA channel 25 Prism Channel 25 and COX Channel 14 . KGNG and Century Link Prism Already announced that channel 25 on prism will be replaced by a KGNG stream. KGNG has already obtained several KTUD programs which will air at the same time . No news on Atlanta Based COX what they will do.
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