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Zone 2 but only 1 speaker

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ok, I am about to set up Zone 2 audio on the Denon 790. But it seems like this will not output any audio when the input source is an APple TV (toslink). Is this true for this Denon model?

If not, how else can I utilize Zone 2 using an Apple TV as the source?

Also, I only have 1 working speaker that I can use to test for now. Will this cause any issues if I just connect 1 speaker to test out this set up?
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1. Yes, that is correct (for that model and over 95% of all other models on the market today in fact) ... analog only sources to Zone 2, so you'll need to add an optical ---> analog converter between the ATV and the AVR.


2. Testing no, but Zone 2 is stereo so you would only get one side of the stereo signal.
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Thanks for the reply. I think I may have to re-think this strategy. Hosting a party soon and wanted the least amount of work to get some music out on the patio. Was hoping I could use speaker out or rca out for a Zone 2 setup but apparently, this won't fly with the Apple TV. May just setup an old receiver and manually plug in an iPad to get some music going. Downside is, I cannot control the music remotely like I could if I was able to use an Apple TV to play the music.

If anyone has suggestions, let me know.

By the way, would it cause issues if I only connected a left speaker and ran stereo music on an old A/V receiver since I only have 1 working spare speaker at the moment. 4-5 hours of medium loud music. Thoughts?

btw, Monoprice is never going to get my money again for anything else BUT cables. Last 2 purchases, HDMI switch and external phone battery were both duds. Such crappy quality control.
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1. For party music where all you want is stereo audio, you can connect the single outdoor speaker to either the SBL/SBR speaker posts and then set Amp Assign to "Normal" rather than Zone 2 and set the surround mode to "7CH Stereo" which will accomplish your goal of playing any source connected to the AVR, although again ... a single speaker passing 1/2 of a stereo signal may sound odd.

2. Generally every mfr has some duds. Monoprice guarantees its products will work so if you call them they should replace the defective products for you.
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Good suggestion on using the surround backs to put music outside. But will this mean the inside of the house (from the 5.1 setup) will also have music too? Even so, I may have to go this route given the ease of controlling music with an iPhone remotely.

I have 1 working tower speaker that I can use on the deck (2nd story above patio) so attendees will be down below and about 25-35 ft away so hoping the 1 speaker will do just to bring some music to the party.

Come to think of it, I may be able to setup an older Denon that has optical in. Then use optical out to connect the Apple TV to this receiver. So, will there be any ill effects on the receiver if I just connect 1 speaker to it to run for a 3-5 hours stretch?
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