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bluray-crt connection

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Just purchased barco cine 7 projector,v.confused as to how the blu ray signal arrives at the projector.The projector has a limo pro board installed,so am I correct in saying I don't need a scaler?Do I need an HD Fury 1 to enable the bluray to talk to the projector and what leads will be needed? BNC leads I assume,do these connect to the HD Fury?? Thanks.
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You do need a Fury or Moome box (I'd use something other than the Fury1 as it's a very old design (relatively speaking), and you may need to invert the sync for the Barco, something that the Fury1 can't do).

The internal LIMO is useless when using a Fury or Moome box, it's only used for a video or Svideo signal... oh actually, it's also usable with the component input as well.
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well no you don't HAVE to have a moome card. A BD player will output an HD signal through component video. You'll need a component video cable ( 3 wires) that has RCA jacks on one end and BNC on the other,. I bought a nice one from Blue jeans cable for like $50.
Or some cheapo RCA to BNC adapters from rat shack, but I try and avoid this.

Set the BD player for 1080i output on the component video output (it's separate from the HDMI output resolution,so choose the right menu).
Only problem is if you put in a normal DVD it will not scale up 480P to 1080i through component video, it will remain 480P so you will need a separate recall memory / channel set up on the PJ as the 2 resolutions will have slightly different convergence, size, geometry,etc.
If you really want to run HDMI to an external converter, a Moome external box is over $300. for the older ones ( HDMI 1.3) if he still has any. Over the 400 for the newer 1.4 version AFAIK.
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Thanks for those replies,does anyone know if Chris Frost does crt installs in the UK? Does anyone have an email or number for him?
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I don't know who still does CRT in the UK,I'm sure there's someone though. There was a Barco guy who was really popular but can't recall his name.
Anyway, ask here as there some Brits on this forum

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You really need to learn to do it yourself. CRT is pretty myuch a 100% do it yourself thing at this point, with reasonable online support, but very few people willing to full setups, at least outside of North America.

MadMrH was very popular in the UK for a long time, but he dropped off all the forums about 3 years ago with no word that he was getting out of it.

It`s not really hard to learn, the Barco manuals are excellent if you follow them step by step.
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if you use component you'll need to use input 5 or 6 and everything else that gragnm said is on the mark...i currently use the same machine
and outputting some respectable images from it...

This is 2M wide smile.gif

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ohh and you need to read read read till your head hurts then read some more.... its quite sattisfying.... im still very new to crt and learning the cine 7 is a great machine to start with.... goodluck
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Thanks for all those helpful posts,just started the very first stages of set up,but not got very far yet.Very impressed with the picture demo'd by the guy who sold me the pj.I think he used an HD fury 2,any one got this in their set up? Is it plug and play?
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well the difference between the Fury and what I recommended is the fury will allow the player to scale up standard DVD, so you'll only be using one channel with everything going in at 1080i.
Second,your changing where the digital to analog conversion is taking place. With Fury,it's taking the digital signal and changing it straight into RGBHV. With component, the player is converting Digital to YpByR component video,then the Barco is converting that to RGBHV. So you have 2 conversions instead of 1.
The Fury will give you a better pic as component to RGBHV conversion is really hard to do well although the Barco supposedly does an OK job of it? Fury's are hard to find here in the US,in Europe you can buy directly from the guy in France who makes these. You might need one to force negative sync?The early fury's don't this and would require a Gamma X dongle add-on.


The Fury 3 has a dip switch for this
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yes and yes.... though.... In Practice, My cine 7 floored me last night and i was jaw dropping (i Finally got the alignment right!!!) and im going hdmi ps3 to $20 hdmi splitter to strip hdcp into my H/K amp thats converting hdmi to component into the projector which i thought was leaving alot to be desired, but turns out i had a lot more tweaking that needed to be done!!! picture was very very good there may be more left in it but i seriously not going to go chasing it as its just great as is...I've got an 8110 (draganm we'll need to talk soon about some stuff i want doing to it) but im now in no rush to get it fired up and sitting where the cine 7 is as once again it floored me!!!!! as in that pic i posted previously looks like total **** compared to what im getting now.....

Biggest hint is mechanical alignment!!!!!!! then... read .... play .... read ....play read read read read play.....ohh and did i mention alignment smile.gif and get yourself some binoculars they made a big difference for me this time around
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If you are using a PS3, you can also use a component cable for the PS3. I currently have one from Logitech I believe. I am sure there is one from Sony as well as from other brands. The only issue is that the cable has a fixed length. It has a PS3 connector on one side and 3 RCAs on the other. If your projector is on the floor it may be OK, but if it is on the ceiling it will probably not be long enough. The benefit of using this is that you eliminate the need for a transcoder from HDMI to component with all the negatives that may have on image quality.
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Originally Posted by barcocine7 View Post

Thanks for all those helpful posts,just started the very first stages of set up,but not got very far yet.Very impressed with the picture demo'd by the guy who sold me the pj.I think he used an HD fury 2,any one got this in their set up? Is it plug and play?

Hi there, I own a SONY VPH-D50HTM that I have connected with a Toshiba HD-XE1 HD-DVD player through a HDFury2 (HDMI connection). My projector is very similar with your's, both are probably the best 7-inch CRT ever. Picture quality is way better through the HDFury2 than the analog component. I highly recommend it. As soon as you can learn a bit how to set-up your projector and can get the HDFury2 you will be surprised with the picture quality at HD 1080i. However on standard dvds I prefer to have the signal at 576p and not upscale it. I have found the picture quality is better at 576p than 720p or 1080i on standard dvds.
All the best, Mike from Greece.

(HDFury2 is very easy to set-up, in fact I remember you just have to set a switch to RGBHV or component, that's all. All the rest is the projector set-up calibration, picture size, centering, storing to different memories...)
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